Tiffani Purdy

Astrological Life + Business Guidance
for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs


Meet Tiffani

Tiffani Purdy is a Life + Business Strategist using both Astrology and Human Design as her main modalities of guidance for her clients. With a 2nd House Capricorn stellium, she uses her own unique cosmic design to shine a spotlight on your greatness and show you how to expand and scale that into a working, lucrative business that serves your highest and greatest good - as well as your community, at large. 


Grow Your Astrological Coaching Biz

Enroll in Astro Guide School & learn how to use the modalities of Astrology and Human Design to create a beautiful, fulfilling career as a coach, in whatever niche industry speaks to your soul. 


Upcoming Events


capricorn full Moon / re-alignment event
June 27, 2018

Full Moons are for assessment of what's working, and this Capricorn Full Moon is the ideal occasion to be looking at what is/isn't working in your business to maximize your energetic input. Father Capricorn activates our sense of long-term success + responsibility, and we'll capitalize on that energy in this Full Moon event.


Get in Touch with your Cosmic Self

Schedule a natal chart session with Tiffani to understand who you are on a cosmic level, by reading the map of the Stars when you were born. We will also explore your energetic Human Design in this session.

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Say "Hello!" to Your Personal Astrologer

Wouldn't it be nice if you could align yourself with the Stars movements, knowing how and when to act with more certainty and ease? Look no further - your friendly neighborhood astrologer is here to give you a head's up.


Ongoing Guidance Available

Are you seeking a major transformational breakthrough? Tiffani offers ongoing astrological guidance + strategy for heart-centered entrepreneurs (and aspiring entrepreneurs!) who are ready to take confident, drastic steps forward.

There are limited spaces available for this opportunity.