Meet Tiffani


I’m Tiffani Purdy, an Astrological Life + Biz Strategist for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs.

If you’re anything like the old me, you’ve been living a life that is less-than. It’s not anything close to what you imagined your life would be when you were a kid, dreaming big.

You might feel like you’re settling, to a certain degree. Maybe it’s in your career, maybe it’s in your relationships, maybe it’s just in your life, in general – you don’t feel like your life is YOURS, but you don’t know how to summon the confidence to take charge and own your space as the beautiful, caring human being you are.


I spent years and years listening to that voice telling me I wasn’t enough, wrestling with my limiting belief system and lack of self-confidence, but knowing deep inside me that I was meant for something so much bigger than where I was in my life.

Finally, I began to see the truth. I am in charge. I am the Creator of my reality.

Magic began to happen for me when I understood myself on a cellular + cosmic level, knew how I best made decisions, and saw my strengths + opportunities written in the Stars.


People started to respect me, my work ethic, and my ideas.

People started to care about the things I cared about.

I began to attract the right people and opportunities to my life, effortlessly.

You can have everything you’ve ever wanted for yourself in your life. You are worthy of all the best things. You have every right to living the happiest, most fulfilled life, on your terms.

I’m here to show you how to make that magic a reality.