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September - December 2018


Who This Is For + What They Want:

This container is perfect for a high-achieving Entrepreneur and/or MLMer, Social Influencer, Community Leader, Performer, Podcaster, and anyone else who is “the face” of their brand and is seeing professional success - but seeking more personal fulfillment.


The people in this container…

…Desire to experience themselves in a more fluid capacity.

…Yearn to establish and maintain high-value relationships.

…Have a natural commitment to themselves + their growth, in general.

…Already know it’s important to prioritize investing in themselves.

…Are excited and optimistic about what’s next in their lives.

…See business success, but desiring more personal/interpersonal fulfillment.


Who This Is NOT For:

To be clear, this container isn’t for everyone. And even realer than that - I’m not for everyone. That’s okay! We just need to make sure you’re in the right place.


The people in this container are NOT…

…Going to be making excuses.

…Living in lack/scarcity mindset.

…Someone who lets fear stand in the way of their growth.

…Here to be coddled or have their hand gently held by a coach.
(I love you and support you - but I’m not going to believe in your dream more than you do.)


Meet Tiffani Purdy
Your Resident Astro Queen, Mama Capricorn,
Here to get you #AlignedAF


What Does This Experience Look Like?

>> 4 private Coaching Calls ($1,400 value): One-on-One time with me for clarity in your Astrological Story, your Strategic Design, what you’re REALLY looking for in your interpersonal relationships + community, and how to live a more joyful, effortless experience

>> 8 Bi-weekly Group Coaching Calls ($4,000 value): Everyone gets 15-20 minutes of direct support

>> New/Full Moon Events ($500+ value): Automatic access pass to all of the New/Full Moon Events (online via Zoom) during our container - plus lifetime replay access to these events. We will also be doing a LIVE New Moon Event together on the retreat together!

>> December 2018 Retreat in Hollywood Hills, California ($3,000 value): Join me for an all-inclusive, luxury retreat experience in Los Angeles for the New Moon in Sagittarius (December 4-7) - 

>> Private Facebook Group Container (PRICELESS): A collaborative space for communicating with me + your fellow Masterminders - because this experience is all about INTIMACY and RELATIONSHIPS.

>> Fast Action Bonus (PRICELESS): Secure your spot before July 27, and you get my personal phone number (!!) for text message access from now through December 31, 2018.

>> Total Program Value: $8,500+


What Is The Actual Investment For This Program?

The full cost of this program is $8,000.
There are THREE payment options to choose from:

Option 1. Get $1,000 off total package cost when you Pay-in-Full, for $7,000

Option 2. Four (4) Monthly Payments of $2,000 (or 8 Bi-Weekly Payments of $1,000)


Option 3. For a financed payment plan that gives you the space to pay off the total for a few more months: 

>> A 6-month plan, 12 Bi-Weekly Payments of $700 ($8,400 total)
>> An 8-month plan, 16 Bi-Weekly Payments of $555 ($8,880 total)


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This container is limited to 10 spots.

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