Astro Guide School

with Tiffani Purdy


Astrology & Human Design aren’t the point of what I do.

They’re just the cheat codes.

They’re the roadmaps.


I’m here to challenge you, to poke you, and ask you why you’re not stepping into the fullest expression of you possible.

(That’s in my Design.)

That is what I’m here to do.

To see you as your Highest Self, and to hold you accountable to who you were born to be.


I just happen to use Astrology + Human Design as tools to help you see that Higher Self I already see more clearly, yourself.


Here’s the thing - I want to give you access to the cheat codes, too.

>> If you’ve been searching for *exactly* what it is you’re here to do…

>> If you’ve been searching for the right way to position your own coaching business…

>> If you’ve been searching for a language to use to speak to your clients…

Astro Guide School is finally here.

In this 90-day Program, you will learn:

>> Astrology + Human Design 101 - and how to hone in on the right areas of these charts for your dream clients

>> How to write your Mission + Purpose statements (and how to identify those things in your own Design in the first place)

>> Who exactly it is you’re here to serve and how (aka Identifying your Ideal Client)

>> The ins-and-outs of the basic systems you need to get started as a coach

>> The best way for you to position yourself + attract your ideal client based on your unique Design

>> How to strategically scale your growing business

Get to know your Astro Guide!

I’m Tiffani (obviously) -

I’m a Manifesting Generator, Capricorn Sun + Moon, and I’m a Life + Business Strategist using both Astrology and Human Design as my main modalities of guidance with my clients.

With a 2nd House Capricorn stellium and having my Conscious Sun in Gate 54 (DRIVE), I use my own unique cosmic design to shine a spotlight on your greatness and show you how to expand and scale that into a working, lucrative business that serves your highest and greatest good - as well as your community, at large.


How is Astro Guide School going down?

This program will be delivered in seven modules, with video lessons + LIVE interaction with me (to make sure you’re really “getting it”) held in a Facebook Group container guided by me, so you feel even more supported as you’re launching + scaling your own coaching business.


What does the program curriculum look like?

Module 1 - Getting started with natal charts

Consider this Module your Astrology 101 crash-course! After this module, you will understand all of the elements of a basic natal chart, how to identify them, what they mean, and how it all goes together to tell a complete story.

Lesson 1: Get Your Chart
Lesson 2: Break It Down
Lesson 3: The Natural Zodiac
Lesson 4: The Big 3
Lesson 5: Big 3 examples
Lesson 6: The Signs
Lesson 7: The Planets


Module 2 - Getting started with HD charts

Consider this Module your Human Design basics crash-course! After this module, you will be able to identify the different parts of the BodyGraph, describe what they mean, and how to pull out the most important details of this very complex modality to share with your clients.

Lesson 1: Get Your Chart
Lesson 2: Break It Down
Lesson 3: Types + Strategies
Lesson 4: Authorities
Lesson 5: Profiles
Lesson 6: Defined/Open Centers
Lesson 7: Channels/Gates
Lesson 8: The Incarnation Cross


Module 3 - Your cosmic foundation

Get to know yourself on a cosmic level. After this module, you will understand who you REALLY are, who you've always been, and who you are born to become. This is also the place where we'll get concrete in your personal coaching mission + purpose, as well as who truly you're here to serve.

Lesson 1: Your Mission + Purpose (HD)
Lesson 2: Your Nodal Mission (natal)
Lesson 3: Chiron’s role
LIVE COACHING CALL WITH TIFFANI: Putting it all together
(creating a workbook for Mission Statements, measurables, and ideal client profile)


Module 4 - Applied Astrological Guidance

It's time to start putting the knowledge into practice! After this module, you will have a much clearer understanding about how to use natal charts to guide your clients through your own unique transformation process. In this module, you'll also learn how to use different astrological tools to better serve your clients in a long-term way, as well as help them in their relationships.

Lesson 1: Start with the Houses
Lesson 2: Example: Career-focused
Lesson 3: Example: Health-focused
Lesson 4: Example: Family-focused
Lesson 5: Example: Love-focused
Lesson 6: Using the Ephemeris
Lesson 7: Synastry + Composite Charts
Lesson 8: Lunar Cycles


Module 5 - Basic coaching systems

It's time to get down to business. After this module, you will have a clear, concrete understanding of the systems you need to jump right into your new coaching career.

Lesson 1: Deciding on Client Rates
Lesson 2: Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries
Lesson 3: Taking Money
Lesson 4: Booking Calls + Selling with Ease
Lesson 5: Contracts
Lesson 6: Building your list
Lesson 7: Website / No Website? (And other things to not worry about right now)


Module 6 - Marketing yourself

"But HOW do I get clients and grow my business?" After this module, you will have confidence in understanding how to use your unique cosmic design to call in the right clients, and how to bust through the money stress/"blocks" that can pop up when you're starting your own business.

Lesson 1: Channeling your Human Design
Lesson 2: Abundance =/= Clients
Lesson 3: Social media + Organic relationship building
Lesson 4: PR 


Module 7 - Scaling your business

Let's grow smarter, not harder - right from the very start. After this module, you will have a sense of direction for your growing business, with a better understanding of how to create consistent income and maximize your time/energy output, so you can get back to what's important.

Lesson 1: Time is the most valuable resource (when to outsource)
Lesson 2: Developing Your Core Offer
Lesson 3: Group programs vs. 1:1 coaching
Lesson 4: Active vs. Passive income


Ready to do the damn thing, your way?

Let’s get started.