Guided Hypnosis: Walking In Your Life's Purpose

“Can you make me cluck like a chicken? Can you make me tell you a deep, dark secret?”

The answer to both of these things is (mostly)* NO.

*Not unless you DEEPLY DESIRED to cluck like a chicken (like desiring to come out of your shell and be free to do more silly things) or to tell me your deep, dark secret (like desiring to be more transparent and vulnerable with your feelings with others)

Hypnosis is often misunderstood as a fake stage production, or worse, as a form of mind control. These things couldn’t be further from the truth about hypnotherapy.

When we use hypnosis, we’re simply encouraging your conscious mind to relax, so we can speak directly to your unconscious mind and create massive shifts in just a few moments.

Read on for a quick overview of what hypnotherapy REALLY is, and plug in your headphones for a guided hypnosis experience:


The best way to understand the basic principles of hypnotherapy is to think of the body as a robot.

If the body is a robot that only runs on the programs of the mind, then we can use hypnosis as a tool to overwrite an upgraded program onto the hard drive of your mind.

Your phone doesn’t update when you’re using it, right? But it’s still not OFF when it’s updating. You get it.

Hypnosis is commonly used for people who are ready to quit smoking, for losing weight, and for just about anything else that you can conceive of that is a result of your behavioral patterns.

The real “trick” of hypnotherapy is that you have to truly, deeply want the thing you’d like to shift, and you have to believe that hypnosis can work for you – so when you come to a hypnotherapy session, prepare to get really deep with your practitioner before you begin the actual therapy.

Get a better understanding of what a hypnotherapy session feels like with this guided hypnosis (you’ll want to put on your headphones for this experience):

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