How I Use EFT to Clear Anxiety

True Life: When I was in 8th grade, I was voted “Most Stressed Out.”

For a long, long time, anxiety and depression were major pieces of my identity. They were labels that had been applied to me so early on as a child that I took hold of them and gave them power.

“Oh sorry, I can’t go, I have anxiety. It’ll be too much.”

“I’m starting to dip into a ‘low’ again. I must be going back into a depression.”

Sound familiar?

While NLP has helped me shift these identity filters in major ways, it took a while before I was really ready to let go of those programmed patterns of behavior.

That’s where EFT comes to the rescue – yes, COMES to the rescue, because even though I’ve moved through healing my identity as “Anxious Person,” I still sometimes struggle with anxiety, and that’s okay!

In those moments, I just tap it out.

Read on for more about how EFT really works, what it is – and tap along with me in the video below!


Short for “Emotional Freedom Technique,” (sometimes referred to as “tapping”) EFT is a therapeutic technique that is loosely based on acupuncture or acupressure.

Using the same basic energy points used in acupuncture, EFT is a tool we use to relieve and balance your energetic system.

In a nutshell, EFT gives us an opportunity to root out the negative emotions that are interrupting the flow of your body’s energy.

When we “tune in” to the negative emotion, EFT allows us to explore it, release it from the body, and fill in these energetic meridian points with more positive emotional frequencies.

We attract what we are. When we’re feeling like we’ve got “stuck” energy, it throws off our natural magnetism for high vibrational experiences, like love, freedom, and peace. When we tap on the stuck energy, we naturally gravitate back into flow state.

The practice of EFT can be done independently, or you can be led through a guided tapping experience with a practitioner.

Watch & tap along with me while I use EFT to tap through common anxiety states:

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