Crush Your Goals with Time Blocking

It takes a lot more than wishing really hard on your vision board for your dream life to become a reality.

It takes inspired action for the wheels to be set in motion.

In this post, you’ll get a quick rundown of my favorite planning strategy to consistently reach my goals, while keeping my existing life & responsibilities running at the same time – without burning out.

YES! It’s REALLY possible to do this, no matter WHAT your schedule looks like!


So many people misunderstand the purpose of conscious goal setting and planning. One of two things will generally happen:

  1. They will either pre-determine that they don’t have enough time in their day to add anything new to the list, OR

  2. They’ll flip the switch into hustle-mode and pre-plan their lives down to the minute until the inevitable burnout moment.

A conscious goal setting session with a professional life coach helps you clarify your dream life and “chunk down” the process of getting you there. Burnout free.

As obvious as it may sound, time blocking is the practice of taking your day and breaking it up into “blocks” to make the day more manageable, more productive, and more fulfilling.

Everyone’s days and time blocks are going to look different (based on what’s already going on in your life and based on what your goals are), so it’s difficult to say what yours might be – but I can share mine with you, for an example.

time block example.jpg

What I’ve done here is taken my day, broken it down, and ensured that every area of my life has been “touched” this day. My physical, emotional, spiritual, and work intentions & goals have all been met because I made room for them.

Until I started time blocking, I thought I didn’t have enough time in my day, either. But really what I discovered was that time expanded for me as I decided that I would get xyz done inside that time frame.

I still had more than enough time to relax, more than enough time to enjoy family time, more than enough time to move my body and make my health a priority.

(And it’s not just me! Clients and IG followers have been reporting the same results, left and right!)

Need some more support understanding Time Blocking? Watch this video >>

What did you think this tutorial? Can you see yourself using time blocking in your own life to reach your goals? In my private coaching sessions, I can help you create time blocks that make sense for you, your life, and your goals.

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