3 Myths About Upleveling You Can Choose to Ignore Now

It’s not in my Design to sit still for too long.

I get stagnant. I get complacent. I get bored.

And honestly? I notice I start getting short-tempered, stressed out, and am living in a place of pure lack and fear.

Things I hardly ever notice or find myself stressed about - like client sessions, finding new clients, receiving money/covering my bills, and even communication between myself + people in my life - are all I can think about when I get into that bored, complacent space.

By contrast, when I’m feeling like I’m in a space of infinite possibility, growing and expanding, it’s like my worries just melt away. I’m free to create and share and serve in the way my heart most desires in the moment. I just live in love and awe of every moment of my life. And, as if by magic, clients come pouring in, I’m receiving all over the place, and my bank account grows rapidly.

Now, I could go into the Astro-talk of it all, showing you where in my natal chart + Human Design this behavior pattern plays out - but I don’t think you’re here for that.

The point is that it’s simply not who I was Designed to be to limit myself. And the absolute freedom I know + have experienced is what keeps me honest when it’s time to keep growing.

I don’t fear it. I embrace it with both arms wide open, hurdling toward growth like I’m in a cheesy rom-com, running into the arms of my lover after we’ve been separated for too long.

But I now understand that this is actually a pretty unique quality I possess, and it’s the gift I’ve been called to share with the world.

I know so many people who stay in a place that’s “comfortable” (read: something they’ve lived with for so long, their ego just spirals + freaks out at the possibility of trying to live a different way) because they’re too scared to try something new.

Part of what I was Designed to do is to inspire (and sometimes even trigger) people into realizing they’ve been living in that place of fear and have all the potential in the world necessary for tapping into that same growth-space I adore oh-so-much.

So I’m going to “Line 3” for you today, sharing my own experience + plans (which will probably change in the future - that’s just how I operate as a Manifesting Generator with a lot of Initiating energy in my Design) to hopefully inspire you to take the leap toward happiness.

Started from the bottom…

I won’t spend too much time in the past, but just to give you a little perspective on where I’ve been and how I got here:

  • 2011 - 2012: Lived in a tent on an organic farm on the Big Island of Hawaii. In an effort to follow my Spirit, I wanted to “be free of money” and live/work with the earth. It was peaceful for a while, but not entirely fulfilling. I wanted to touch more lives somehow.

  • 2013 - 2015: Worked different jobs here and there, hosting at restaurants while I studied Communications (then planning to go into Journalism), and making my way into the world of marketing. I found myself working at Lush Cosmetics, where I met the father of my child and got pregnant with my baby girl shortly after; this is where I found a true passion for business and what it means to sell something you believe in.

  • 2015 - April 2017: While pregnant, I had begun facing the reality that my day job at a retail shop at the mall wasn’t going to pay the bills. Not even close. So as much as I loved what I was doing, I knew I had to grow. Raising my newborn, I worked mostly as a freelance writer, editing and blogging for small businesses and online publications. I was also trying my hand at different approaches for building my personal brand and influence (though still unsure what I was even doing, or why - I just knew I had something to say); You name it, I tried it. Mommy blogging, Instagramming, membership programs, brand consultation, more freelance blogging. Finally, I landed in a role I’d been playing alongside all of these trial/error projects without realizing it: I became a Life Coach!

  • April 2017 - June 2018: It took me a while to find my first real niche/language for communicating with my coaching clients. Mostly, I was using modalities that I’d been using for my own personal development: Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, even tapping into Quantum Physics and the concepts of time, space, and creation. Finally, my friend Caitlin Littleford clued me into the world of Astrology - and the whole game changed. Shortly after, my business coach + mentor Paige Filliater opened me up to the energetic side of the astrological puzzle with Human Design. And life got good as fuck, y’all.

  • June 2018 - Present: Had a crazy epiphany about the way my business was functioning (I was strictly serving aspiring business owners at the time) and threw the whole business model in the trash. Began studying at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and taking a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program, to further expand my coaching practice.

Now, it wasn’t all business…

While the focus of this post is obviously concerning my career/professional development, make no mistake - this was a total life transformation at work here.

Every time I was on the cusp of another big shift to the next level, it started the same way: That feeling of stress, discomfort, and limitation would overwhelm me entirely. It’s a full body experience.

When one area of my life would catapult forward, it forced the other areas of my life to catch up. Because the energy just didn’t match anymore.

If I started feeling like it was time to make another career pivot, I asked myself, “What else isn’t working? What else feels limiting?”

The answers would show up literally everywhere.

My physical health + well being.
My personal relationships - family, friends, and lovers included.
My connection to Source.
My personal development.
My current resources + bank account balance.

I learned that if I wanted to keep growing in one area of my life, I’d have to keep growing in all the areas of my life.

This is definitely one of the most impactful lessons of my life so far - and one I see holding people back every single day.

“What if my friends judge me or won’t like me anymore? What if we have nothing to talk about?”

“What if my partner doesn’t want to embrace growth and abundance mindset?”

“What if I have to give up ‘all the good stuff’? Can I ever just Netflix and chill again?”

You can’t keep yourself small for fear of things changing.

Of course, things are going to change when you decide you want more in life.

But here’s the thing - you don’t have to stay in that space of fear. You have the power to recognize the fear and decide to take charge of the story.

3 Myths About Upleveling You Can Choose to Ignore Now

  1. MYTH #1: You’ll lose all your friends, all your family/personal relationships have to change, and/or you’ll wind up divorced when you decide to uplevel. Okay, so this isn’t totally true, but it’s not totally not true, either. You can still appreciate the people, as they exist, currently in your life while you grow. They don’t have to grow with you for you to maintain relationships with them. Your job is to be you. Grow if you wanna grow - but you can’t drag anyone through personal development with you.

    Some people in your life might be inspired by your transformation unfolding in front of them and will want to know what you’ve been doing. They might even join you! Some people simply won’t care one way or the other, but they’ll support you from the sidelines the best way they know how. That’s still a win in my book! Some people might be offended/triggered in some way and may express some form of discontent as a result of you growing. You then get to respond: Do you stay in the frequency of people who don’t have your highest good at heart? Or do you lovingly create space between you and the people who aren’t happy watching you thrive?

    So yes - some relationships might end. But are you living your life for them, or for you?

  2. MYTH #2: You’ve got to turn raw vegan, become a yogi, collect all the crystals, burn sage, etc. if you wanna be “woke.” This is just straight-up nonsense. There’s no one right way to live abundantly and tap into your sacred connection to Source.

    Now, I will get real with you about my own personal development story here and now: My success as a human being depends on me treating my body with respect. When I’m not hydrating properly, over-caffeinated, and haven’t moved my body in days/weeks - my mood sucks, my sense of support + abundance dries up, and I feel totally disconnected from my creative center. And sure, it’s nice to have “woo” tools to diffuse energy and enhance flow, but they’re most certainly not a requirement of spiritual or personal development.

    I happily eat cheeseburgers, drink coffee, and lounge around all day binging on Criminal Minds and The Office. But I also start my days with a fresh green juice, make time for my yoga practice every day, and feed my mind with high vibe content on a regular basis. This is what feels good + expansive to me right now. I listen to my Inner Authority and own my truth, and I allow my life to ebb and flow with my Emotional Authority’s ups-and-downs.

    I’m gonna do me. You do you. If what I do appeals to you, try it on! If what I do (or your fave spiritual leader) doesn’t quite resonate with you, don’t stress yourself out trying to apply someone else’s high vibe lifestyle to your own.

  3. MYTH #3: If you decide to hop on the personal development train, you can’t ever stop. Listen - I know it can feel overwhelming to decide you want to do, be, and have more in life. Spiritual development, professional development, physical wellness, positive thinking + communication, digging up old stories to heal + forgive the past… Where does it stop? Does it ever?

    Life isn’t a race, my friends. You’re allowed to go as fast or slow on this ride as you want. It’s up to you! If you want to take a minute to rest, to breathe, to enjoy the fruits of your labor before moving forward again, that’s your prerogative. Don’t let anyone else’s rate of speed influence how you feel about your own.

    In fact, I’d even argue that pausing to appreciate the quiet middle moments between growth spurts is where we really find the juiciness in the experience. So go ahead and savor them. Take your time, if you want. This is your game to play - just make sure you don’t stop playing entirely.

You’re the only one who gets to live + Experience your Story. Make it yours. Make it good.

3 myths about upleveling.png

How are you keeping yourself small? Can you remember a time in your life when you wanted to grow but stopped yourself because of one of these myths - or something else? Share your Story in the comments xx

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