Go Inside & Rebirth Yourself This Venus Retrograde 2018

Let me start this by saying that I do not give you permission to let your life turn into a disaster movie just because a Star turned Retrograde.

That’s not what the study of Astrology is for, and I refuse to be a party to that doom-and-gloom, black-and-white kind of Cosmic read.

These are fluid Astrological movements that are here on purpose - planned by Universal mathematics long before we were even born.

So instead of succumbing to some kind of Cosmic definition of what you think is supposed to happen based on the Stars’ alignments, how about you try a different approach and… go with the flow?

Venus Retrograde 2018: October 5 (in Scorpio) - November 16 (in Libra)

Venus represents our value system - what we find attractive and beautiful, what brings us comfort and pleasure.

When this planet (or any planet, for that matter) goes Retrograde, we are going to feel tension around this particular area of our lives and will be asked to go inside and look for the truth.

It’s very easy to live life with blinders on, just going about our day-to-day business in the hum and rhythm of the routine. But with that, we can also lose sight of our inner voice and what’s truly important to our soul - getting caught up in the regular stressors of life, like frustrations at home, at work, with money, with relationships.

Venus going Retrograde offers us the time and space to ask ourselves, “Are we going after the things and people in life that we REALLY want? Is my soul happy with my choices?”

Part One: Venus Retrograde in Scorpio (October 5 - November 1)

Venus Retrograde 2018 will have two distinct phases. The first phase is from the Libra New Moon through the Taurus Full Moon cycle, when Venus is Retrograde in Scorpio.

Scorpio is probably the most interesting Sign for Venus to go Retrograde in because while a Retrograde is already calling for you to cast light on things that aren’t usually up for discussion - Scorpio is literally holding on to the LAST THINGS you want to think about/discuss. Sex. Financials. Traumas. Taboos. All the things that everyone is thinking about but no one wants to talk about.

It’s time to clear out the cobwebs and get real about what’s been going on (and what you really want).

Part Two: Venus Retrograde in Libra (November 1 - 16)

The second phase of the Venus Retrograde 2018 period will be in impartial Libra. So the thing about Libra is that - while ultimately seeking harmony - it is almost completely unemotional in its judgment.

Though Libra is ruled by one of the faces of Venus (on the other side of Taurus’s self-indulgent face of Venus), its concern lies in the partnership of the unit. It’s less sentimental, more logic-driven.

Alright, so what’s this even mean?

The first wave of Venus Retrograde in Scorpio digs through all the old relationship Stories in our past that we never wanted to see the light of day - while the Sun is in impartial Libra, just shining a spotlight on the whole beautiful mess. Emotionally during this time, we can expect to go from “almost no fucks given” to “the most fucks given.”

The second wave of Venus Retrograde in Libra is like rebuilding a beachfront town after the tidal wave of Scorpio has receded. Our sentimental side will have gotten to the bottom of the digging, and is now just surveilling the situation. What’s still worth salvaging? What needs to be trashed? All the while, the Sun - having moved into Scorpio - is casting its transformative light onto your rebuilding site, giving you the emotional strength & perspective you need to see this through.

Wait - Didn’t I say “no disaster movie”?

This doesn’t have to look like chaos. We’ve got the benefit of having a weather forecast!

We can prepare.

We can unify.

We don’t have to do this alone.

Because I’m not going to lie - it could very well get heavy in here. But those heavy stories are usually the ones where I find the juiciest lessons.

I’m holding a 40-Day Venus Retrograde Meditation Series in my Free Facebook Group, starting on October 8 - with a Pre-Work Intention Setting event kicking off this weekend on October 5.

Inside the container of the 40-Day Meditation Series, you’ll receive:

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  • A new guided meditation to download each Monday for six weeks, intentionally created for that week’s Astrological movements during the Retrograde

We begin holding space this weekend: Friday, October 5, through Sunday, October 7!

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