What's it all about?

Using the Stars as a road map, we can take the study of Astrology and ground it in the real world - to better navigate our lives through the speed bumps and road blocks that would otherwise stop us entirely.

In this space, we will be studying the Stars in real time, so you can apply the energy to your own life (and business, for my fellow entrepreneurs out there!) - and start preparing for the curveballs the Universe throws at you before they even get here.

Human Design is another modality we will be exploring in this container, with specific attention to learning how YOUR design affects YOU and how to best use this information to live the most effortlessly aligned life you possibly can.

Basically, we're hacking the codes to the Universe.

We're learning the language of God.

We're dusting off the fingerprint of your Soul.

Let's get Aligned As F*$% 💁🏻‍♀️