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The Radical Self-Mastery Challenge

RSM challenge header.png

From June 9-16, I’ll be hosting a free challenge in my Facebook Community: The #RelationshipOfOne Movement!

Though it isn’t a requirement, you will get the most out of this experience if you go purchase a copy of my book, “The Ego Death Experience,” on Amazon in Kindle or paperback edition.

Until June 17, I will drop the book’s price to $3 for the Kindle edition and the paperback edition to $6 for the Challenge promotion!

Everyday in this challenge, I’ll be sharing the biggest mindset shift and action step I teach in each area to reach the breakthrough at the beginning of a transformation.

>> Keep your eyes on your inbox everyday for the on-demand viewing link for day’s lesson! <<

You’ll get the chance to share your reflections and mindblown moments everyday – I can’t wait to hear your thoughts ~