VIP Day: Houston

Houston, Texas


Join Celebrity Astro Guide, Tiffani Purdy, for a luxurious, laser-focused VIP Day at Hotel Alessandra in Houston, Texas.

During this time frame, we'll be under a New Moon in Virgo - giving us the eye for attention and detail that we need to finish off Quarter 4 of 2018 with a bang.


This is an exclusive event with 15 total spots available.
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VIP Day Itinerary

This VIP Day experience will be led by Tiffani + laser-focused with the Virgo New Moon, with our intention to clarify our purpose and vision for ourselves + businesses, and how the next 90 days will look, as we are closing out 2018.

By the end of this VIP Day Experience, you'll have a targeted, structured plan of execution for your optimum growth in setting yourself up for the reaching your vision for 2019.

phase one : 10AM

• Meet in hotel lobby + join Tiffani in her suite for a catered breakfast
• Why You Need Astrology + Human Design (and How to Actually Use It)
• Where You Are Now vs. Your Long-Term Vision

phase two : 1:30PM

• Lunch catered in-suite
• Brand Photography with Allisa Babor of Roots Creative Co. 
• Networking + Collab Time

phase Three : 3:30PM

• New Moon in Virgo Meditation + Quantum Journaling
• Creating + Mapping Out Your 90 Day Plan
• Group Sharing Time

VIP++ ONLY : 7:30PM

• Private dinner (location TBD) with Tiffani


About Your Astro Guide, Tiffani Purdy


Tiffani Purdy is a Life + Business Strategist for Celebrities, Influencers, High-Achieving Entrepreneurs and Rising Stars, using both Astrology and Human Design as her main modalities of guidance for her clients.

With a 2nd House Capricorn stellium and Leo MidHeaven, she uses her own unique cosmic design to shine a spotlight on your greatness and show you how to expand on the things that are most appealing, the most "sellable," and will ultimately make you feel the most fulfilled in your soul purpose. 


PACKAGE 1 - VIP Day with Tiffani
Features: Everything included in VIP Day Experience

From $897.00 / Per person

PACKAGE 2 - VIP Day ++
Features: Everything included in VIP Day Experience
+ PLUS a private session with Tiffani ($350 value) and New Moon Dinner on Sunday night

FROM $1,197.00 / Per Person


What do you need to bring / do before you arrive?

For us to draw up your natal + Human Design charts, you will need your full birth date, time, and location.

Let Tiffani know upon signing up whether you have any dietary needs that must be met.

As far as physical items, make sure you bring:

  • a notebook + plenty of writing tools
  • your laptop
  • cell phone / chargers
  • something cute to wear for your headshots
  • bathing suit + cover ups (we may choose to work by the pool)


Purchasing your ticket to this exclusive event includes:

• An all-day experience in a luxury 5-Star Hotel
• Breakfast + Lunch catered in
• A set of headshots with professional brand stylist + photographer, Allisa Babor of Roots Creative Co. ($450 value)


Purchasing this package does NOT include:

• Travel / Airfare
• Room / Board Accommodations
• Dinner on Sunday night (included in VIP Ticket)