.06 // Astro Report: Leo New Moon + Eclipse Season Close

episode 6 - leo new moon.png


Let's not kid ourselves - this #SummerOfRetrogrades has been pretty rough.

We've been facing things that we thought has been long conquered,
We've been re-calibrating our roadmap,
We've been filtering our circles & who we choose to align with -

And - for a lot of us - it's all been building up to this.

>> Let's break it down:

NEW MOON // new starts, new beginnings, masculine energy, creating plans

LEO // self-expression, joyfulness, childlike energy, entertainment

>> What else is happening?

CONJUNCT MERCURY RETROGRADE // This New Moon will be occurring at its peak energy at 1:16-4:40am PST, bringing the Sun/Moon just a degree away from Mercury in Retrograde in Leo.

SOLAR ECLIPSE (invisible) // This eclipse closes the cycle that began during the Aquarius Full Moon.

SQUARING JUPITER IN SCORPIO // All of these energies (Sun/New Moon/Mercury Rx) will be at odds with Jupiter, the Ruler of Expansion.

>> Okay, Tiffani, so in English, please?

Depending on how your own natal chart is mapped out, you're experiencing a "coming-to-a-head" moment where you've reached a fork in the roadmap of your life.

This way, or that way.

How you choose to express yourself, 
the words you choose to describe yourself and the life you want to be living, 
how you speak about the things you're here to do in the world -

These things have never been more important than right now.

>> What should you do for the New Moon tonight?

Whip out that handy-dandy journal, tap into your most expansive, expressive self, and get more clear about the following:

1. What does it mean to be fully expressed? How does that feel, and how do you know when you're "there"?

2. What are your non-negotiable core values? How can you embody them even more fully, so you can naturally attract more people who are an energetic match for these values?

3. What are you really here to do? What is your purpose? What brings you personal fulfillment and fills your cup?

>> Where is Leo in your Chart? Where is Scorpio? How can you see these celestial movements in your own Cosmic Story?

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