.08 // Limitless Now Rebrand + Pisces Full Moon

episode 8 pisces full moon.png

Welcome to the newly rebranded LIMITLESS NOW PODCAST 💫 

With Mercury gone Direct and Saturn Rx directly conjunct on my natal Uranus, the tension in my Throat/message has been C L E A R E D - and I'm so excited to share these changes with y'all.

I'm also sharing about the upcoming Pisces Full Moon on August 25/26 (see the chart below!) - as well as the Grand Earth Trine occurring on the same day.

Full Moon Journaling / Meditation:

Am I utilizing my resources to the best of my abilities? Is this what my Highest Self would do? How can I show more gratitude for the wealth in my life?

And, as promised, here are the players still in Retrograde:

>> Saturn (April 18 - September 6) 
>> Pluto (April 23 - October 1)
>> Neptune (June 19 - November 25)
>> Mars (June 27 - August 28 [Cap])
>> Uranus (August 8 - January 7 [Aries])
>> Chiron (I'll pull the dates shortly!)

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Check out the Pisces Full Moon transits!

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