love notes from tiffani’s clients

Some really nice things people have said about working with me, in varying capacities.


“just wanted to write you a quick note. i'm reading the [human design] book you recommended and just got to the section on mani-gens. it's reminding me of things i learned from you in the past six months that i didn't know before and i'm feeling incredibly grateful to you.

one thing i believed was bad about myself before was that i never finish what i start. but now, knowing that it is part of my design to do this, i don't see it as a bad thing anymore. just part of who i am. it just is.

i perceived this so negatively before and let it hold me back from starting new projects that i wanted to start.

now i know it's just who i am to start multiple things at a time and let things fall away naturally. it's ok to be "all over the place." it's ok for plans to change, like you were talking about last night.

thank you so so so much for shedding light on all of this for me and for introducing me to human design. i've always loved learning more about myself, but most personality tests just tell you about you without giving you the exact strategy for yourself.

anyway. thank you for all you've done for me this year. i really truly appreciate you and i think you're an amazing human being.

/ brenna e. /


“I really learned a lot about treating myself right. Learning about self-care and high-vibe routines was very defining for me. I still use one of the exercises from Relationship of One: Envisioning My Future Self having already made it. And following in her footsteps.

Relationship of One came to me in a very pivotal moment in my life. I am so grateful for it.”

/ Erin N. /


"I’ve never felt more confident in my ability to parent my children after just one 90-minute session with Tiffani.

I now have more perspective and control as a mom - which is priceless.

I can’t believe I waited so long to book this session!

The best 90 minutes of my life - I shit you not. Don’t think, just book your call with Tiffani.

/  andrea c.  /


"Do yourself the biggest favor and work with Tiffani NOW ♥ I am still taking everything in from our call, but it has been such a beautiful, empowering and inspiring experience. I know so much MORE about myself - and feel completely shifted with how I show up in the world + my life. A million thank you’s for truly blowing my mind - in the best way!

/  Hannah E.  /


“I did your 10-year vision guided journaling meditation last night. Very calming to know that I’m doing what I need to do …

The world needs you! Thank you for your guidance and love. You radiant being!

/ erin n. /


"I’ve done a bajillion birth chart readings and my session with Tiffani was my favorite experience yet. Tiffani is brilliant and does an amazing job at explaining WHERE she is pulling information from without overwhelming you with astro jargon. My natal chart session left me feeling seen, understood, and ready to STRETCH into my next level knowing that my desires are in alignment with my astrological mission. If you’re on the fence, take the step and book with Tiffani now!

/  Erin L.  /


"I’ve been following Tiffani + her work for several years and through several different iterations, and it has been so incredible to see her step into her power. Seriously - she is SO in her zone of genius and this woman kills it with her coaching. 

I’d been getting messages to expand my own self exploration for a while now, and one of the areas I was drawn to was understanding astrology - and how I can use it to understand my unique history. 
I could not have asked for a better guide through starting to explore this process.

When Tiffani read my natal chart, I was so blown away by her insight and knowledge. She provides a perfect combination of SO MUCH information with the background info to explain all of this to a natal chart newbie! Tiffani tapped into all areas of my life, explained so much of the challenges I deal with and helped me to really step into some of my gifts in an ever greater level. All of this in just an hour!

Since our session, I’ve been more and more tuned into what’s happening celestially, and using those energies as a guide to channel my efforts in ways that are most productive. The ritual + intentionality of incorporating the information from my chart reading into my daily life has been absolutely divine, and so inspiring. 

Love working with Tiffani, and I cannot recommend doing a reading with her enough! So much so that I’ll likely be sending my clients to Tiffani for their own readings!

/  Chelsea Q.  /