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Amazon Best-selling Author, Speaker, Life Coach

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Tiffani Purdy is the author of the Amazon best-selling self-help book about the psychology of identifying and breaking limiting beliefs, The Ego Death Experience: How to Boldly Face Death & Achieve the Ultimate Rebirth.

As a life coach and spiritual freedom advocate, Tiffani is passionate showing her clients the joy in pursuing a highly personal relationship with God, on their terms.

She has worked with hundreds of clients online through private support and group programs to create more satisfying relationships, careers, and overall lifestyles – and it’s through the connection to Source-Power that the experience can be joyful, sustainable, and soul-driven.

When she isn’t coaching clients, Tiffani hosts the YouTube Channel, “(Reality) Tea Time with Tiffani,” where she recaps reality lifestyle and dating shows from a self-love coaching perspective. She has previously been featured in Bustle, Elephant Journal, and UpJourney, and she has guest posted for TEDxLincoln Center and Yes Supply Co. She lives in Tampa, Florida with her daughter, Mana Kaia.



  • Spiritual freedom & exploration

  • Human Design & Astrology as personal development tools

  • Universal Laws and their practical application

  • Positive emotional communication

  • Christ Consciousness


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Guest Posts
& Blog Features:

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Elephant Journal (Editor’s Choice, April 2019): “What My Obsession With Cults & Religion Has Taught Me About Family”

Elephant Journal (guest post, April 2019): “How to Love an Empath When You’re a Highly Sensitive Person”

TEDxLincoln Center (guest post, January 2018): “Looking Beyond the Surface Issues”

Yes Supply Co (personal development/entrepreneurship column, Dec 2016-May 2017):

Podcast &
Live Show Interviews

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