We are so much more than our Story.


I know you’ve seen some great pain in this lifetime. You’ve known a lot of sorrow.

To say “you’ve got a lot of feelings” would be an understatement.

I can relate. In a major way.

Without going too “woo” on you just yet, let me just say my Human Design Profile is a 3/5 with Gate 51 (the Gate of Shock) defined in my Incarnation Cross, and my natal Cancer Chiron is retrograde in the 8th House.

I’ve lived a very full life so far -
some experiences have been incredibly beautiful, some have been incredibly painful.

All of them have taught me something important -
but maybe not in the way you’d think.

Instead of closing myself off and diving into the Shadows,
I learned how to thrive through these painful experiences & feelings,
so I can truly live in (and appreciate) the Light.

I want to show you how to embrace every side of your soul - shadows and all.



Hey! I'm Tiffani Purdy, & bottom line, I want to help you live an awesome life - on your terms.

I'm a Radical Self-Love Embodiment Mentor, meaning I subscribe to a holistic Mind-Body-Soul approach to guide you closer to your Soul’s true calling.

In client sessions, we will explore & heal your Story using various Life Coaching tools (like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Positive Psychology, & Neuro-Linguistic Programming) - as well as the languages of Astrology and Human Design. We might even pull out some crystals & tarot cards if Source moves me.

(I'm also currently studying at the Institute of Integrated Nutrition to even further expand what I can do for you.)

My clients come to me because I carry the energy of radical change & experimentation - despite having experienced a great deal of pain and trauma in my lifetime.

I believe that the way to receiving the unconditional love we seek is through embracing the spirit of radical transparency.

I help them achieve a sense of spirit and freedom in going after a life that brings them real joy, even if they've seen and felt the worst the world has to offer. I show them how to create real, lasting change in perspective and the way they live from here on out.

It's truly a gift to witness the miracles in my life every day - and that the kind of magical experience I want you to have, too.

"I’ve never felt more confident in my ability to parent my children after just one 90-minute session with Tiffani.

I now have more perspective and control as a mom - which is priceless.

I can’t believe I waited so long to book this session!

The best 90 minutes of my life - I shit you not. Don’t think, just book your call with Tiffani.

/  ANDREA C.  /