Hit the reset button on your whole life in just12 weeks.


You’ve got no shortage of great ideas.

With such a big heart, a creative mind, and a spirit for changing the world, you’re constantly making big plans in your head (and maybe even on paper)…

…but for some reason, there’s a disconnect after that.

You plan and journal and set intentions and follow your guru-of-choice’s morning routine for a couple of days, but it never really goes anywhere.

You fall right back into the loop of your pattern, eventually.

It can be a discouraging cycle.

And every time you return to the cycle, you wonder…

🙇🏻‍♀️ Do I really have what it takes to make my dream a reality?

🙇🏽‍♀️ Maybe some people just don’t get to have it all.

🙇🏼‍♀️ I guess I’m not worthy of what “people like that” have.

First of all, don’t beat yourself up, boo. You’re a human.

Second of all, you’ve got to see how trying to build a house on top of an unstable foundation is bound to be a frustrating task, right?

For you to construct a strong, sturdy home that will shelter your family for years to come, you’ve got to lay a strong, sturdy foundation.

Consider your mindset the foundation to your dreams 🏠

No matter where or how you start, you can absolutely live your dream life, doing great things, and sharing your heart with the world.

There’s evidence of this everywhere.

Oprah. Tony Robbins. Lisa Nichols.

These are just a few examples of people who have started with nothing and built incredible empires, doing outstanding things for people all around the world –

– and they’re just as human as you are 💛

They just chose to believe different things about themselves.

They focused on that foundation, built it strong, and grew from there.

If you want to do a BIG thing, instead of hiding behind another day of “it’s too much, I’ll start tomorrow,” do yourself a favor and just ask yourself these questions:

📝 What is it that I really want? What does it look like when it’s real? What does it sound like when it’s real? What does it feel like when it’s real?

📝 Who do I have to become in order for that outcome to be real?

That’ll get you started on the right track.

But if you’re really serious about doing the big things on your heart & would like to build up from a solid foundation…

It sounds like it’s time for a MINDSET RESET.


In this container, I've taken my signature private coaching program and packed it into this life-changing 12-week group program.

It is my personal mission to help you break free from the emotional chains holding you back from having everything you’ve ever wanted in life.

I want to help you own your space as the creative, giving soul you are because you're too precious, and your heart is too good to keep to yourself.



The Mindset Reset
Group Program:
12 weeks of self-discovery

Weeks 1-2: Developing Your Relationship of One

A distillation of the principles taught in my very first ever group program, this lesson is all about helping you carve out an image of your best self, so you can really start experiencing life as this version of yourself.

Through a series of questions and an ancient Hawaiian mindfulness meditation, we will find some beautiful things about yourself to hang onto, so we can start to build a strong foundation of self-esteem.

We’ll also have some fun making this elevated version of yourself come to life, with guided exercises created to make your Next-Level Self more real.

After week two, you will have a more established sense of self – beyond your roles and titles in the world – and begin to feel happier & more confident.

Weeks 3-4: Leaning into Focus, Flow & Fun

First taught inside my membership group, this lesson is all about showing you where you might be trying to swim upstream, so you can stop working against yourself and relax into flow state.

This 4-pronged lesson shows you:

- How unconscious beliefs affect your ability to get what you really want
- How to use Universal Laws, like the Law Of Cause & Effect, to unlock flow
- How to establish wholeness and balance in your life right now by using the Wheel of Happiness
- How fight-or-flight works, how living in that state disrupts your happiness and skims days off your lifetime, & and how to find rest-and-recovery

After week four, you will have a deeper understanding of the mind-body connection, and you will feel more capable and in-charge of your own energy.

Weeks 5-6: The Ego Death Experience

The signature 8-step process I created to show you the psychology behind how limiting beliefs are formed and embedded in your unconscious mind, how to uncover yours, and what to do with them after you’ve found them – so you can actually move on with your life.

In this lesson, we will be digging through some of your darker parts of your psyche that are taking up space and holding you back in every area of your life – particularly in your relationships, in your career, and in your overall life goals.

After week six, you will see your life and circumstances in an entirely new light, and you will feel a sense of peace unlike anything you’ve ever known before.

Weeks 7-8: The 4 P’s of Planning

In this lesson, we’ll dive into the methodology I use in my personal life and with clients to filter ideas that “sound good” & decide if/when it’s time to act on an idea, and how to paint a picture of the vision you’re trying to create so you can plan efficiently.

For passionate people like my clients (and YOU, I’m sure), great ideas are constantly floating through your mind. How do you know when to seize an idea and run with it? How do you know WHEN to run with it?

After week eight, you will be empowered with a clear pathway for creating new goals for yourself, and you will walk away with an easy-to-implement roadmap for reaching your “game changer” goal.

Weeks 9-10: Running the Play

In this lesson, you’ll learn the exact strategy of planning & action-taking that I use with clients to keep you in flow while still working toward your goals, every single day.

This often-overlooked element of planning is probably the piece of the puzzle you’re missing: The actual execution of the plan you spent all that time mapping out.

After week ten, you will know the secret for successfully going for your goals, without burning out, and you will start to see yourself easily moving closer and closer toward your goals.

Weeks 11-12: Raising Your Vibes

Everyone deals with anxiety, stress, doubt, and imposter syndrome from time to time. Yes, even Oprah, even Queen Bey, even that super-hot Instagrammer who’s post you hate-liked an hour ago.

In this lesson, you’ll walk away with the exact tools and techniques I use personally and share with clients for moving through uncomfortable feelings and situations with grace, so you can feel confident that you’ll be able to stay high vibe no matter what’s going on when you’re running your play.

After week twelve, you will know what emotional wellness techniques to use and when to use them, and you will feel empowered in your ability to self-nurture yourself in a moment of need.



How is this all going down?

  1. Upon sign-up, you will get a confirmation email in your inbox with next steps for joining the Private Facebook Group for our program. If you’re a VIP, you’ll get a second email shortly afterward to schedule your first private coaching call.

  2. When the program officially begins, you will have the full itinerary of call days and times. We begin live calls the week of November 18.

  3. In the first week, you will receive access to the Week 1-2 materials (each module includes an audio lesson and accompanying workbook); every two weeks, you will get access to the next module. All modules will be uploaded to the Private Facebook Group.

  4. Each week, we will have two calls: a Group Call held via Zoom, where you can get directly coached to speak to your specific needs as we move through the program; and a Q&A Call held via Facebook Live inside our Private Facebook Group, where you’ll have an opportunity to submit your questions and get them answered. You do NOT have to be present on the Q&A Call to have your questions answered.

  5. At the end of our program, you will have access to the full course materials & call replays to review again and again on-demand.



Ready for that VIP Life?

If you’re ready to take this experience to the next-next level,
the VIP life is what you’re looking for.

In addition to receiving everything already outlined in the Mindset Reset Program, VIPs will also receive…

🌟 Two private calls, one at the beginning of our time in the program and one after the program’s conclusion, so you can share your specific goals with me and get one-on-one coaching ($250+ value)



Pay in Full Bonus!
The Planning Care Package

Pay in Full and receive a gift in the mail from me! Your personalized care package will come with my favorite planning tools, so that you can easily stay on track with the same tools I use in my own life.

In this package, you’ll receive…

  • A dot-grid journal in the color of your choice,

  • An undated Passion Planner,

  • A crystal pen for writing & planning in style, and

  • A copy of one of my personal favorite self-improvement books
    (you’ll choose from a list after you sign up!)



On the other side of this program…

☑️ You’ll have full confidence in yourself and your ability to create your vision – even if it’s something you’ve never personally seen before, or something you’ve previously believed you couldn’t do

☑️ You’ll experience the excitement that comes with knowing and leaning into the personal power that you hold when you’re creating a new path, community, and/or identity for yourself

☑️ You’ll know the freedom from emotional shackles that may have previously prevented you from putting yourself out there to do something new

☑️ You’ll have a deeper understanding of the human mind, so you can become a conscious observer of your thoughts & feelings rather than being reactive to them

☑️ You’ll feel the sense of security that comes with having a real, grounded plan to begin taking action without burning out or burning down your life in the process

☑️ You’ll see a shift in perspective so radical that you will never see yourself, your life, and your circumstances as fixed, fated, or “just the way it is” ever again

☑️ You’ll possess the ability to find like-minded souls everywhere you go because you’ve become a magnet for the kind of people you want to be around, while finding peace with anyone who hasn’t chosen to rise to your level with you

☑️ You’ll have a tool belt of emotional, intellectual, and spiritual modalities to support you when you’re not being directly held by a coach or mentor



Hi, I’m Tiffani.

I’ve been doing this coaching thing since 2017, and the results people get from working with me vary just as much as they do from each other.

💛 They reach new income goals.
💛 They create new career paths.
💛 They heal relationships with family.
💛 They form new friendships.
💛 They overcome mindset blocks.

Overall, they’re happier people, living happier lives, now equipped with the tools to get them where they want to go.

I’m the Queen of Starting Fresh 🌿

I’ve made my reputation on starting new things, and doing it the most efficient way possible, with whatever resources I currently have at my disposal.

If you’re over the excuses you’ve been giving yourself around achieving your goals and are ready to get serious – I can help you make it easier, I can get you there faster, and I can show you how to make it more FUN.



“I have been given tools to work on everything daily. I can say that stress management is actually a thing for me now. I am also SO MUCH LESS anxious and worried about my future & what I’m doing. I feel zen & excited where I used to feel scared and frozen.

/// samantha o.

“Initially we started with building a business, but as got to talking she noticed things coming up, like my lack mentality, excuses, self-doubt, saying I wasn’t qualified. No matter how many books I read, I couldn’t shake it till I had someone who matched my toughness no-bs-having talk. She worked me through it in different ways. Letting me talk it out and pointing things out. Meditations when I felt low. Connected me to other fierce badass women to help elevate me. Ultimately, it’s up to you and what’s in your heart, but from experience, I would recommend Tiffani 100x over. I’m forever blessed to have her in my life.

/// annette g.



“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”
- Nelson Mandela

Week One begins November 18, 2019.

If you’re ready to make your dream an attainable goal and get fully supported along the way, select the payment option that works best for you & secure your seat now!

The Mindset Reset Program:


The Mindset reset Program: VIP Level



You’ve got Q’s, I’ve got A’s:

What exactly is included in this program?

Inside this 12-week coaching program, you’ll get:

  • 6 educational modules

  • Audio lessons & accompanying workbooks for each lesson

  • Access to Tiffani’s exact tools, techniques, processes, & structures

  • Live 60-minute group coaching calls every week via Zoom Video Conferencing

  • Live Q&A calls every week via Facebook Live in our Private Group

  • Replays available within 24 hours

  • Private Facebook Group for connection with other students & access to all the educational material for the program

VIP Level:
Everything above plus…

  • Two private sessions, at the beginning and at the end of our program ($250+ value)

Pay in Full Bonus:

  • The Next-Level You Planning Care Package:

    • A dot-grid journal in the color of your choice, 

    • An undated Passion Planner, 

    • A crystal pen, & 

    • A copy of one of my personal favorite self-improvement books
      (you’ll choose from a list after you sign up)

Is there a payment plan?

Yes, I love payment plans! You can select one of the pre-set payment plans already laid out on this page, or you may choose to apply for financing through Square Installments (you can click the banner below to learn more) and see what payment plans they provide for you.

If you need help with Square Installments, please don’t hesitate to send a support email to hello@tiffanipurdy.com.

I’ve tried to set goals before and have failed, what makes this different?

While I’m no psychic, I’m willing to bet that – even if you poured your whole heart and soul into that plan and it came from an organic place of desire to create a positive outcome – you didn’t have an experienced, compassionate, no-nonsense friend to guide you along the way.

The difference is that now, you’re ready to get serious about this plan, to have a little accountability, to immerse yourself in a whole lot of community, and to make it known to the whole world that you’re about to do something big.

Okay, I’m SO stoked! When do we get started?

YES! I love your attitude! Our first week begins November 18 – but we’ll be getting things started in the Private Facebook Group beforehand with some pre-work, community building activities, and private sessions for those of you choosing to hop into the VIP Level.



Learn more about Square Installments:

When you apply for your spot through Square Installments, you’ll apply with the whole amount for your seat’s investment – either $888 for the regular program, or $1,111 for the VIP level.

Upon acceptance & receipt of your Square Gift Card to use in my store, you will click one of these two buttons below, depending on which level you’ve decided to invest.



"You are literally one of the greatest things that’s ever happened to me. I’m beyond grateful for you every day.

///  Jacqueline J.

“Seriously feel like I couldn’t ‘life’ sometimes without [your support]

/// jessica p.

“This is absolutely the happiest I’ve been in my entire life! I’m always improving, but I really am living my best life every day. Grateful AF for the way everything has unfolded! It will just get better and better and better.

/// kayla B.