Your Monthly Astro Guide


Keep your Astrologer in your back pocket.

Every month, we'll take a look at your astrological natal chart + see how the Stars in motion are currently affecting you (and see what's to come!), so you can plan ahead.

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Some topics/themes explored in these sessions include: romantic/business partnerships; communication skills; career choices; community impact; self-expression; money/wealth creation; family dynamics - and more.

This is a great option for working + planning along with the Cosmos, for events such as:

>> Weddings
>> Vacations
>> Program Launches
>> Parties
>> Anything else you want to make sure you're doing in "divine timing"

After our first session, you'll have unlimited access to me in your pocket - via Facebook Messenger/Voxer - for the next 30 days to answer your cosmic questions when you're in need of support.