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Natal Chart Session

We will be taking a deep dive into your astrological natal chart – a map of where the Stars were when you were born.

You will choose 1-2 areas of your life where you’d like more insight and/or are seeking massive transformations, and we’ll explore those specific aspects of your chart for answers and guidance.

*One Introductory Natal/HD session per customer

Client + Coach Synastry Session

We will take a look at your client's astro chart, as well as your own, so we can see why they were drawn specifically to you and how you can best support them through your transformation process.

After your call, you will receive a Report with a summary of what we found in your charts, as well as actionable tips for you to be the best version of you to fit that specific client experience.


Synastry + Composite Session

We will be taking a look at the Synastry + Composite charts for you and your significant other.

These charts will tell us how you interact with each other’s energy on many different levels, as well as giving us a look at the blended “midpoint” of your charts to see a representation of your relationship, itself.


Child + Parent Synastry Session

We will be taking a look at the astro chart of your child, as well as the Synastry for you and your child, together.

These charts will give you some clarity on your child's demeanor and communication skills, and will empower you with the best tools to be a supportive parent to your child's unique characteristics.



Are you looking for more of a long-term Astro Guide?

Wouldn't it be nice if you could align yourself with the Stars movements, knowing how and when to act with more certainty and ease?

Look no further - your friendly neighborhood astrologer is here to give you a head's up!