Maybe you've seen me around... I'm kind of a big deal.

Jokes aside - I love love love sharing my Story, knowledge, experience, and passion with the world. I'm available for print, television, and podcast features, as well as Live Speaking Engagements.

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TEDxLincoln Square

I had the honor of being invited to write a short piece for a TEDx event in early 2018. In this quick blog post, I cut right to the heart of why you're not living your best life already.

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Brunch With The Universe Podcast

with Ashley Spedale

From Ashley’s description of our episode: This episode is with Tiffani Purdy.  She is a Therapeutic Life Coach that uses Astrology. We Discuss Human Design, Astrology, & What an Emotional Authority is.

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Radiant, Sexy & Empowered You Podcast

with bianca pennington

Bianca's podcast speaks to women on a personal mission to take back their divine feminine power. We chatted like old friends about astrology (and a little bit about Human Design), and I shared some of my takeaways from dating through my Saturn Return.

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Abundant Babes Podcast

with viola hug

From Viola's description of our episode: We had a free flowing conversation about creating joy and abundance in all areas of life, and we literally share SO many nuggets of wisdom amongst our conversation. APPLY THESE TIPS BABES, and you will for sure experience abundance beyond what you even know you’re capable of.

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Bloom Where You're Planted Podcast

with Andrea ouellette

From Andrea's description of our episode: "On the podcast today, we get to listen to 45 minutes of me trying not to pee my pants from excitement - because I'm talking to celebrity astrologer Tiffani Purdy! She uses human design + astrology to support celebrities, influencers, high achieving entrepreneurs + the people who support them & honestly? She's everything. I've fallen into astrology SUPER recently (& am now in the phase of harassing everyone I love for their birth times & knowing almost none of what it means) and I'm so happy that my rabid curiosity helped me find Tiffani. She shares about how she used astrology to pivot her business, keep her on track & change her life - she shares predictions about what Tony Robbin's might have coming up in his next few years, just for some fun, and she also dives into how (despite the immense amount of BS) her Saturn Return has been the best year of her life."

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Spirit Girls Radio Show + Podcast

with Jessica Reid

From Jessica's description of our episode: "I heard so many friends talking about all the intricate details of their Astrology and I would just be like 'Wellll I know I'm a leo? lol' And then over the past few months I felt the urge to understand what could be discovered within a personal natal chart reading & I was recommended to connect with Tiffani Purdy. In this episode we recorded [my] Natal chart reading so you could listen in and get a sneak peak into what it's like and what you could discover within yours... It definitely highlighted a lot about how I can make sure I'm in alignment with who I came here to be and a lot of tips on how I can increase thriving in my life!"

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