My Core Values

The non-negotiable qualities people must possess before entering the sacred space of private coaching:

>> Radical Transparency

Honesty and integrity, at all times.

The courage to be truthful about anything & everything.

The power that comes from the self-love it takes to be radically transparent.

>> Personal Accountability

Shedding victimhood mentality.

Understanding and embodying the concept of Conscious Co-Creation.

Showing up for yourself, at all times.

>> Infinite Possibility

Stepping out of worry and fear.

Dropping expectations & limitations.

Trust-falling into the arms of the Universe.

>> Unconditional Love

Honoring yourself and your divinity, everyday.

Giving with an open heart when you feel called (not compelled).

Calling in and receiving support when you need it.

>> Mindful Grace

Humility in the face of constant evolution.

Remembering it’s okay to not figure it all out right now.

Staying in a state of gratitude, while you’re still working to create more & better.

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"You are literally one of the greatest things that’s ever happened to me. I’m beyond grateful for you every day.

Thank you for always loving and supporting me and helping me turn one of the worst things I’ve ever experienced into the greatest lesson of my life.

///  Jacqueline J.