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// The Ego Death Experience

Spiritual & Emotional Health

In this 8-Week Workshop Series with Tiffani, you will go deep into your limiting belief systems, find the patterns that need breaking, and repair your relationship with your Self - so you can truly expand into the person you were born to be and receive the gift of unconditional love.


// Relationship of One

Relational & Physical Health

In Tiffani’s very first group program, she taught women how to access their Higher Self, understand who they really want to be, and who they really want to accept into their lives & hearts. Get access to 5 weeks of replays & in-depth workbooks for you to go deep into a relationship with you.


// Astrology 101

Vocational & Intellectual Health

In this 4-module video series, you’ll learn the language of Astrology for your own personal development, or for use with your coaching clients.