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/// open yourself up to


You deserve to be in relationships with people who see you in all your holy glory.

You have the ability to co-create with the Universe to design your whole life… you know all about manifestation.

You play the game with cups of coffee, with money, with opportunities.

But there’s one last piece of the magical puzzle that’s yet to fall into place...


...until now.

What if you could experience blissful, harmonious relationshipsalways?

What if you could attract lovers, friends, biz besties – you name it – who match your high vibes?

What if you could even learn to enjoy the existing relationships that you’ve always wanted to work – like family?

You really can heal your relationship to relationships.

You can experience deep, meaningful connections without fear of loss, abandonment, or rejection.

I know this because I’ve real life’d it

– and it’s what I’ve helped hundreds of people do, everyday,
for the last three years now as a life coach.

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Relationship Of One:
the 6-Week Group Program

Relationship of One is a program designed to guide you into a place where you need ZERO validation or approval from anyone outside you & your Higher Self.

If you've ever asked yourself why you're not good enough,
not attractive enough,
not smart enough,
not talented enough,
not rich enough to make others see how valuable you are – this program is for you.


Week One // Re-Writing Your Love Story

You’ve got some incredible qualities, and it’s time to shine a light on them.

During Week One, you’ll learn how to shift your perspective to realize how the Universe is always working in your highest good. You’ll also get some direction in uncovering some of your best traits, so you can finally start to fall in love with the beautiful soul you are!


Week Two // Learning Your Intuitive Signature

Human beings are naturally intuitive. I’m going to show you how to tap in & maintain the flow.

During Week Two, you’ll learn how to make decisions with your entire body. Ever hear about that “gut instinct”? News Flash: That’s a powerful intuitive signal. We’ll expand on that and discover all the ways your intuition speaks to you. We’ll also be learning about creating spiritual & energetic routines, so you can keep the vibe high all the time, not just when things are going good. (Isn’t that the point, after all?)


Week Three // Loving Your Physical Vessel

You are GORGEOUS – from the inside, out. Let’s treat that body like the temple it is.

During Week Three, we’ll talk about the direct connection between your relationship with yourself & how you’re treating your body. Fitness, Food, Self-Talk, & Healthy Balance are all on the menu this week – Sound good?


Week Four // Embodying Your Masculine & Feminine

This isn’t about gender; it’s about energy. Yin and yang.

During Week Four, we’re going to talk about how the majority of us are living on either one or the other side of the scale of masculinity and femininity – and what you can actually do to come to the middle and live a more balanced life.


Week Five // Consciously Creating Your Relationships

There’s nothing sexier than some strong boundaries.

During Week Five, we’re rolling up our sleeves and mapping out the blueprint for how we want our relationships with others to go – romantic and otherwise. This is the time to decide what you are and aren’t available for in your relationships, so your interactions are fulfilling, enriching, and fun.


Week Six // Finding Your Astrological Shortcuts

You wouldn’t believe what you can learn about yourself from one little circle.

During Week Six, we’re diving into your Natal Chart – the map of the placement of the stars and planets when you were born. The details inside your natal chart will help you learn your natural strengths and opportunities in both life AND in love. This is one of the integral facets of my one-on-one work.

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My Relationship Of One Story:

In case you’re new here, I’m Tiffani – I’m a life coach who specializes in emotional communication and family alchemy to help people learn how to truly love themselves and each other.

I’m the author of the Amazon best-seller about the psychology of identifying and breaking limiting beliefs, "The Ego Death Experience: How to Boldly Face Death & Achieve the Ultimate Rebirth,” and I’m the leader the #RelationshipOfOne Movement: the philosophy that by developing a deep relationship with our Highest Self, we can become fearlessly loving in our relationships with any (and every) one. I’ve worked with hundreds of clients online through private coaching and group programs, and I’ve impacted hundreds more through my weekly podcast, Emotional Authority.

In my personal life, I enjoy a positive co-parenting relationship in a beautiful blended family; a romantic relationship beyond my wildest dreams; and a loving, supportive community of family and friends in my hometown of Tampa, Florida.

But most of my life was spent feeling unsupported, unfulfilled, and afraid. I had a deeply ingrained belief system that I was on my own, and I was only worthy of acceptance and love from others if I had something valuable to offer them.

After almost three decades of over-proving and desperation in all my relationships, in every area of my life – I found myself living in a room in my mom’s house with my daughter; my relationship with my daughter’s father splintering; my relationship with my family was almost non-existent; my relationships with friends more or less dried up, too.

Then, all at once, everything imploded.

I decided I couldn’t go into the next chapter of my life living for other people and hoping they’d approve of me. Instead, I chose to ask myself – for the very first time since childhood – what I really wanted. I tapped into my Highest Self and got specific on my vision and standards for my life, for my romantic partner, for my friendships and family.

That’s when I wrote, lived, and taught Relationship Of One for the first time.


Within a year, I was living on my own with my daughter, had created a consistent stream of income doing something I LOVE to abundantly provide for us, found the love of my life (in less than two weeks on Bumble!), healed relationships riddled with life-long resentments, and allowed myself to embrace people who’d come into my life to support and celebrate me.

Something I’ve learned through my personal experience and through my work with hundreds of clients is that the quality of our life and relationships are a direct reflection of what we believe we deserve, or what we have previously observed is possible for someone “like us.” When we choose to set our standards high and open our hearts to love and infinite possibility, we receive the life and relationships we most deeply desire but have always been too scared to ask for.

And that’s what Relationship Of One is all about.

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Some very nice things Relationship Of One alumni have had to say about the program:

I just want to buy sessions for everyone I know because they need to know what you’re talking about.
Relationship Of One has changed my whole life. Everyone is asking me what I’m doing, what’s different, what’s changed - and I just want everyone I know to sign up for this.
My marriage hasn’t been great for a long time, and seeing proof in our charts that we are meant to be together, gives me hope.

Your Relationship Of One journey is about to begin.