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You can have so much more than just a breakthrough or two.

You’re well-seasoned in the area of personal development.

You’ve read the books, you’ve listened to the podcasts, you’ve taken the courses and quickie masterminds.

And let’s just be real right now – you’re drawn in by anything that might help you figure yourself out just a little bit better, including but not limited to: MBTI, Love Languages, Strength Finders, your Astrological chart, your Human Design, Enneagram, etc.


...but do you really fit into a neat and tidy box?

Do any of these “answers” really give you the lasting transcendent experience you desire?

How many quizzes and readings do you need to tell you what you’ve always known?

What do you think would happen if you had a place to go after the breakthrough happens, for support, insight, and accountability from someone who’s been right where you are?

The transformation you’re seeking occurs over time, through integrating everything you’ve realized in your breakthrough moments.

It’s not enough to learn about the kind of person your Highest Self is – you’ve got to commit to stepping into their shoes.

This is the essence of the School of Radical Self-Mastery.

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The School Of Radical Self-Mastery:
the 12-Month Mastermind Experience

The School of Radical Self-Mastery was founded with one purpose in mind:

To give women who are eager to expand into their Highest Self the time and space to do so, with guided support and community to hold them along the way.

The School of Radical Self-Mastery is the result of my 3+ years working with people who want to experience richer lives and relationships, and seeing the specific needs that arise when dealing with “upper limit problems”

– like having a space to go when you’re creating new things in your life,
to share your intentions,
your fears and doubts that pop up in the process,
and joyous celebrations when you ultimately manifest your vision into reality.


the school of radical self-mastery experience includes…


weekly mastermind calls

We share sacred space every week to learn, to grow, and to flourish together


Voxer group chat

Get daily messages from Tiffani and get support between our calls


Access to content library

Take part in the Relationship Of One group program and Wellspring membership


Annual retreat (2019/2020 Class Trip, Florida)

Come hug your RSM sisters in person at the annual 3-day, 2-night retreat

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The School of Radical Self-Mastery Core Curriculum:


Physical Support

Some of the transformations that occur in this area include:

  • Feeding your body with love & respect

  • Loving your physical vessel

  • Meeting & abundantly exceeding the physical necessities of your life

  • Sexual honesty & freedom


Emotional Support

Some of the transformations that occur in this area include:

  • Speaking & thinking kinder, and more compassionately about yourself

  • Finding a safe space inside yourself to explore painful Stories and find what’s really there for you

  • Creating more empathy in your life, both giving and receiving

  • Giving you the language you require to effectively communicate about your emotions with the people in your life


Intellectual Support

Some of the transformations that occur in this area include:

  • Finding how (and where) to begin searching for more mental stimulation & personal development

  • Experimenting with learning styles & modalities, so you can retain new information you learn and have fun doing it

  • Learning practical mental health tools for releasing tension, anxiety, shame, and any other negative thought pattern holding you hostage


Spiritual Support

Some of the transformations that occur in this area include:

  • Having more fun connecting with your Higher Self & Higher Power

  • Opening up to others about your Spiritual exploration

  • The concept of “surrender” and the feeling of Divine Support

  • Healing your relationship to God


Vocational Support

Some of the transformations that occur in this area include:

  • Finding your Soul Purpose and following your intuition

  • Letting yourself be abundantly financially supported doing something you love

  • Creating conscious connections that will propel you into the next professional phase of your life


Social Support

Some of the transformations that occur in this area include:

  • Defining your standards for the people you accept into your life

  • Gracefully dealing with negative people

  • Understanding the secret to receiving unconditional love in all relationships you nurture

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The Radical Self-Mastery Story:

In case you’re new here, I’m Tiffani – I’m the author of the Amazon best-selling self-help book about the psychology of identifying and breaking limiting beliefs, The Ego Death Experience: How to Boldly Face Death & Achieve the Ultimate Rebirth.

As a life coach and spiritual freedom advocate, I am passionate showing my clients the joy in pursuing a highly personal relationship with God, on their terms.

I have worked with hundreds of clients online through private support and group programs to create more satisfying relationships, careers, and overall lifestyles – and it’s through the connection to Source-Power that the experience can be joyful, sustainable, and soul-driven.

In my personal life, I enjoy a positive co-parenting relationship in a beautiful blended family; a romantic relationship beyond my wildest dreams; and a loving, supportive community of family and friends in my hometown of Tampa, Florida.

But most of my life was spent feeling unsupported, unfulfilled, and afraid. I had a deeply ingrained belief system that I was on my own, and I was only worthy of acceptance and love from others if I had something valuable to offer them.

After almost three decades of over-proving and desperation in all my relationships, in every area of my life – I found myself living in a room in my mom’s house with my daughter; my relationship with my daughter’s father splintering; my relationship with my family was almost non-existent; my relationships with friends more or less dried up, too. I was over-giving to work that was entirely unfulfilling, and I was sacrificing my health and happiness on a daily basis to keep up the energy to (resentfully) take care of everything else.

Then, all at once, everything imploded.

I decided I couldn’t go into the next chapter of my life living for other people and hoping they’d approve of me. Instead, I chose to ask myself – for the very first time since childhood – what I really wanted. I tapped into my Highest Self and got specific on my vision and standards for my life, for my romantic partner, for my friendships and family, for my career and purpose in the world.

I dropped the career I’d been building for several years in favor of creating something new from my soul – something that I was proud of. I began to take incredible care of my physical vessel, feeding myself well and moving my body every day. I reinvigorated my relationship with God and developed a personal spiritual practice.


And as I committed more and more to Radical Self-Mastery, the life I’d always wanted materialized around me.

There was no more waiting “until xyz happens” for me to have the outcome I wanted.

Within a year, I was living on my own with my daughter, had created a consistent stream of income doing something I LOVE to abundantly provide for us, had written and self-published an Amazon bestseller, found the love of my life (in less than two weeks on Bumble!), healed relationships riddled with life-long resentments, and allowed myself to embrace people who’d come into my life to support and celebrate me.

Something I’ve learned through my personal experience and through my work with hundreds of clients is that the quality of our life and relationships are a direct reflection of what we believe we deserve, or what we have previously observed is possible for someone “like us.”

When we commit to living a full life now, regardless of the external circumstances we see today, we realize there was never any waiting necessary.

The School of Radical Self-Mastery is here to teach you how to hold yourself to that commitment.

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The School of Radical Self-Mastery is now enrolling for the Fall 2019 class.

Fall Sessions begin the week of September 23.

The School of Radical Self-Mastery is valued at over $2,500+ per month.

The Fall 2019 tuition investment is $1,000 per month.

If you’re ready now, click this button to go to the application:

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A few words from the students of Radical Self-Mastery:



The School of Radical Self-Mastery accepts up to five new students each term, by application only.

Apply for a spot in this class by filling out this form. Team Tiffani will be in touch in the next 24-48 hours to notify you if you have moved to the next phase of the application process.

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The tuition investment for the School of Radical Self-Mastery is $1,000 per month, with a 12-month commitment to the space. *