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The School of Radical Self-Mastery
is for you if...

You have been trading/bargaining for love and support in your life -- think: the instinct that you must “repay” someone for extending kindness to you in a moment of need.

You don’t know how to accept/ask for support outside of your basic physical needs -- think: when was the last time you asked for help with something that wasn’t money, food, or something you physically can’t do on your own (like moving)? And if you have the financial means to cover all of those things - then what?

You’re often frustrated, burned out, resentful, and/or bitter -- think: when was the last time you really got to take time to relax, guilt-free? When was the last time you were vulnerable in front of another person and just let yourself be held?

You have massive trust issues, often thinking or feeling like no one can do things to your expectations -- think: doing all the chores around the house because no one else “does it right,” over-giving your time/energy at work because “everyone else is lazy,” etc.

You suspect you might be in a codependent relationship with your Story, holding on to old pain & trauma to keep you “safe” from the world around you -- think: do you stop yourself from asking for help you need in another area (maybe emotional, maybe spiritual, maybe something else) because something bad happened to you in your past when you asked for that? Were you denied? Were you shamed? Were you punished, even?


Sound familiar?

What if your life could look like…

You being fully aware of your “bottom line” levels of support in each area of your life -- not just the physical, but all six areas of your total integrative wellness

Having the confidence to communicate exactly who you are, where you’re going, and what you’re currently available for in your life -- unapologetically, to anyone, at any time

Finally feeling the freedom, ease, and divine sense of surrender that all those woo-woo manifesting girls are always talking about -- both in the physical plane, and also in literally every single facet of your life

Constantly calling in more beautiful people to your life who love you unconditionally -- that means they love you no matter what, truly want the best for you, & are happy to do what they can to support you


What is Radical Self-Mastery?

Radical Self-Mastery is a commitment to Radical Transparency & Radical Self-Love that will transform your life — forever.

The Stories you told yourself over and over, to survive,
don’t have to apply to your life anymore.

Yes, you are allowed to have it all.

Yes, you are allowed to ask for more.

Yes, you are allowed to be vulnerable and raw.

Yes, you are allowed to be flawed and human.

Yes, you’re allowed to love yourself deeply.

Yes, you’re allowed to keep exploring.

Yes, you’re allowed to love what you do to physically support yourself.

Yes, you’re allowed to choose the people in your life carefully.

Yes, you’re allowed to be loved & supported in ways you didn’t even know you needed.

Yes, you’re allowed to change your mind.

Do you hear that?

The little voice inside your head telling you,
“No, I don’t,” and “what do I have to do to deserve that?”

Loving yourself compassionately until that little voice starts speaking a better language is where we begin in the SCHOOL OF RADICAL SELF-MASTERY.


What You’ll Experience Inside
The School of Radical
c/o 2019


The Details:

→ 6-month program (January - June 2019), concluding in a 3-day, 2-night retreat in Anna Maria Island, Florida
→ Each month dedicated to a different area of Radical Self-Mastery
→ One Live lecture/workshop-style class per month (with 30-min. Q&A after class)
→ One Live Mastermind session per month (each person gets ~20 minutes in the hotseat)
→ Private Facebook Group community support with weekly journaling prompts

+ Plus

→ Live Interviews with two Expert Guests inside the Facebook Group every month
→ Opportunities for submissions/features inside Radical Self-Love Magazine
→ One new guided meditation for you to download & take with you every month
→ Lifetime access to all replays of Lecture, Mastermind, & Expert Guest Interviews both during & after our program concludes

Meet Your Teacher
Tiffani Purdy

I'm a Radical Self-Love Embodiment Mentor, meaning I subscribe to a holistic Mind-Body-Soul approach to guide you closer to your Soul’s true calling.

Over the next six months together, we will explore your Stories and inner desires in each core area of your life, giving you the opportunity to redefine what it means to be fully & divinely supported.

My clients come to me because I carry the energy of radical self-love, transparency, & experimentation - despite having experienced a great deal of pain and trauma in my lifetime.

I believe that the way to receiving the unconditional love we seek is through embracing the spirit of radical transparency.

I’m here to help you achieve a sense of spirit and freedom in going after a life that brings you real joy, even if you’ve seen and felt the worst the world has to offer. I’ll show you how to create real, lasting change in perspective and the way you live from here on out.

It's truly a gift to witness the miracles in my life every day - and that’s the kind of magical experience I want you to have, too.


& Meet Your Guest Experts…

bianca pennington.jpg

// physical supporT

Bianca Pennington
Women’s Sensuality Coach


// physical support

Viola Hug-Taylor
Holistic Nutritionist
& Alignment Coach


// emotional support

Alionka Polanco
Personal Life Coach

chelsea quint.jpg

// emotional support

Chelsea Quint
Intuitive Coach, Healer & Yogi

kamila gornia.jpg

// intellectual support

Kamila Gornia
CEO/Founder, Heart Behind Hustle


// intellectual support

Clarissa Rodriguez
CEO, SheRocks@College

darling allegri.jpg

// spiritual support

Darling Allegri
Energy Management Mentor

jessica reid.jpg

// spiritual support

Jessica Reid
Global Clairvoyant, Channel & Purpose Fulfillment Coach


// vocational support

Paige Filliater
Biz & Energetic Strategist

allison braun.jpg

// vocational support

Allison Braun
Business & Lifestyle Success Coach

stephanie churma.jpg

// relational support

Stephanie Churma
Relationship Coach & Speaker

Ashley Spedale.jpg

// Relational Support

Ashley Spedale
Personal Brand Coach
& Host of the Brunch With The Universe Podcast


The School of Radical Self-Mastery Program Syllabus

Each month, you’ll dive deep into a new area of your life to peel back the layers of Stories, identify what you truly desire, and redefine what it means to look & feel fully supported.

1 - physical.png

January :: Physical Support

This month, we explore the themes of PHYSICAL SUPPORT, including:

  • Feeding your body with love & respect

  • Loving your physical vessel

  • Meeting & abundantly exceeding the physical necessities of your life

  • Sexual honesty & freedom

2 - emotional.png

February :: Emotional Support

This month, we explore the themes of EMOTIONAL SUPPORT, including:

  • Speaking & thinking kinder, and more compassionately about yourself

  • Finding a safe space inside yourself to explore painful Stories

  • Creating more empathy in your life, both giving and receiving

3 - intellectual.png

March :: Intellectual Support

This month, we explore the themes of INTELLECTUAL SUPPORT, including:

  • Finding how (and where) to begin searching for more mental stimulation & personal development

  • Experimenting with learning styles & modalities, so you can retain new information you learn and have fun doing it

  • Learning practical mental health tools for releasing tension, anxiety, shame, and any other negative thought pattern holding you hostage

4 - spiritual.png

April :: Spiritual Support

This month, we explore the themes of SPIRITUAL SUPPORT, including:

  • Having more fun connecting with your Higher Self & Higher Power

  • Opening up to others about your Spiritual exploration

  • The concept of “surrender” and the feeling of Divine Support

5 - vocational.png

May :: Vocational Support

This month, we explore the themes of VOCATIONAL SUPPORT, including:

  • Finding your Soul Purpose and following your intuition

  • Letting yourself be abundantly financially supported doing something you love

  • Creating conscious connections that will propel you into the next professional phase of your life

6 - relational.png

June :: Relational Support

This month, we explore the themes of RELATIONAL SUPPORT, including:

  • Defining your standards for the people you accept into your life

  • Gracefully dealing with negative people

  • Understanding the secret to receiving unconditional love in all relationships you nurture


& we’ll finish out the Program with a Graduation Celebration
in Anna Maria Island, Florida

// Exact dates tbd //

We’ll spend 3 days & 2 nights in beautiful, sunny Florida, soaking in each other’s unconditional love & energy after sharing such a potent transformational space for the last 6 months.

All food & fun planning and expenses will be covered
— all you have to do is get here!


What’s it like working with me?

A few kind words from the women who helped inspire the themes
inside this program:

// Meet Jacqueline ::

When we started working together, Jacqueline thought she would be getting some great vocational support in a time where she was shifting in her business.

A few months later, Jacqueline was facing some of the darkest challenges of her entire life — in parenting, in her marriage, in her identity.

Listen to some of Jacqueline’s story & how being held by me made all the difference in moving through these massive life-changing situations.


// Meet Kayla ::

A little less than a year ago when we started working together, she had never known or allowed herself to explore what it means to truly be loved, unconditionally.

A year later, Kayla is embodying every quality she desired when she envisioned her Highest Self, & she is experiencing abundant unconditional love in many areas of her life.

Listen to some of Kayla’s story & how working with me changed her life forever.


// Meet Brittnie ::

She was living in anxiety, 
in an unhappy marriage, 
working odd jobs she hated --

-- and then she started working with me.

Five months into our time together, in the middle of separating from her husband with her two children, tragedy struck.

Listen to some of Brittnie's story & how the time she spent with me made a real difference.


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The total program investment for the inaugural class of
the School of Radical Self-Mastery is $8,000.

Securing your seat for the 2019 Class of the School of Radical Self-Mastery is easy — just choose the payment option that fits your needs & Tiffani will be in touch for a 15-minute Welcome Call!

* Choosing the Payment Plan Option means your first monthly installment will be due in January 2019. Your individual payment plan terms will be discussed in your Welcome Call with Tiffani when you secure your seat. Payment plans start as low as $625 / month, or $315 / biweekly.

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