Masterclass: Making Astrology Easy AF

Masterclass: Making Astrology Easy AF


“Tiffani, what are your favorite books for learning about Astrology?”


Never in my life has something made near-instantaneously perfect sense to me. A “download,” I guess you’d call it.

There was never actually a point where I needed reference books, like I did with Human Design.

To me, Astrology just isn’t that complicated!

When I look at a natal/birth chart, I see…

your strengths,
your insecurities,
your opportunities for massive growth,
the qualities you desire in your “ideal partner,”
your childhood & relationship to your parents,

and even more than that. In just a few glances.

But here’s the thing:

I know that some of you would actually like to learn how to read these charts — to better understand EVERYONE you know, yourself included.

And while I’d totally love to sit down with you and do a deep dive read into #allthecharts — neither of us really have the time for that.

It would be SO NICE if you could at least get a basic understanding of these charts, right?

(And I am TELL 👏🏼 ING 👏🏼 YOU 👏🏼 that it will be 100% easier to digest Human Design when you have at least a basic grasp of the Astrological chart ~)

In this Masterclass, I break down the 12 Astrological Archetypes, giving you a more clear understanding of how to process a birth chart.

By the end of this class, you should be able to read the basic placements of anyone’s birth chart.

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