The 4-Week Self-Publishing Workshop: #glowup edition

The 4-Week Self-Publishing Workshop: #glowup edition


4 Weeks to a fully-planned book & marketing plan — especially with YOUR Human Design in mind.

You have the the skills, experience, and resources necessary to self-publish & market your first book without totally burning out and neglecting your whole business in the process.

The concept of planning, writing, self-publishing, & marketing all by yourself can seem overwhelming, I know.

Especially when the way you’ve been going about this so far is ANYTHING but easy.

But let’s be real here. The way you’ve been trying to get your book done… isn’t working.

  • You spend hours & hours writing and deleting and re-writing content for your book, over analyzing every word, psyching yourself out of telling some of your stories out of fear -- and your creativity feels blocked.

  • You’ve brainstormed your ass off, tried to figure out exactly what should be in your book, journaled until your hands ached -- but you’re still not totally clear on what your book should be about.

  • You’re totally overwhelmed at what even comes AFTER you’ve got your book manuscript done -- the entire self-publishing process just seems like it’ll be so complicated.

The thing is...self-publishing your first book doesn’t have to be hard or complicated AT ALL.

You can have a clear, concise vision for your book, write & self-publish it all by yourself, AND confidently market & sell your book, AND call in a full calendar of Dream Clients.

I know this because I’ve done it! And this is precisely what I’ve helped dozens of creative entrepreneurs just like you figure out already in my 4-Week Self-Publishing Workshop.

So let’s talk about how the 4-Week Self-Publishing Workshop can help YOU, too.

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The 4-Week Self-Publishing Workshop: #glowup edition

A self-led course for Creative Entrepreneurs who want to write & self-publish their first book, in alignment with their Human Design

The 4-Week Self-Publishing Workshop was designed to help heart-centered entrepreneurs plan, write, self-publish, & market their first book, in alignment with their natural Human Design. The 4-Week Self-Publishing Workshop is the result of my 10+ years working as a professional writer & editor, 5+ years working in online marketing, and coaching over 300 creative entrepreneurs like you on their Human Design.

I know and have direct experience dealing with any of the hurdles that arise when you’re writing & self-publishing a book — and it’s all addressed in this self-led course.

What’s inside the The 4-Week Self-Publishing Workshop?

  • Instant access to all 4 weeks of video lessons, so you can dig in and get started right away with whatever you need help with most.

  • Downloadable Slides & Workbooks to go with each lesson, so you can take the lessons with you and work at your speed.

  • Downloadable Templates for your manuscript and book cover (with guided tutorials!), so you don’t have to worry about formatting anything at all. Just copy & paste and drag & drop your way to your very own book.

Imagine running into your PERFECT client — and being able to reach into your bag and hand them your BOOK, because you’ve had the support & guidance you truly needed to get your book published.

The 4-Week Self-Publishing Workshop: #glowup edition is valued at $750+.

Your investment is only $197.

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