Testimonials from Past + Present Clients

All of my clients have different experiences, but they all have some pretty nice things to say about working with me.

Before I started working with Tiffani, I was totally unsure of anything I wanted for myself, and allowing fear to guide my choices. Now, I know why I have certain tendencies, and I worked with Tiffani to learn steps to shift my mindset & actions to come out of negative thought processes. One of the biggest gifts I’ve gained working with Tiffani is that I no longer apologize for myself & my sensitivities. I learned that my fear of money & my self doubt guide a lot of what I did before & how to continue to work on changing that. And lastly, I learned how to forgive myself & others. If you’re on the fence about working with Tiffani, just fucking do it. You will be a better version of yourself. You are worth this investment tenfold.

I think my favorite thing about working with Tiffani is how I know I can always reach out to her & how I know I will continue to grow as she continues to grow.
— Sam Oliver, Real Food + Mindset Coach

When I started working with Tiffani, I was working at a job that I hated and didn’t feel appreciated at. I’d come home miserable and cry or snap at my boyfriend. I have a master’s degree in counseling but had been unable to find a job in my field so resorted to nannying instead. I just felt completely useless and lost.

I think at first, Tiffani helped me see that I was not useless and that I was good a lot of things and had really good ideas for my therapy business. She helped me see the value in what I wanted to do and that I deserved it. I saw everyone else succeeding and wondered why I wasn’t. I think I started to think that I didn’t deserve it and Tiffani helped me see that I actually did deserve to succeed. Since then I got a new job, then got fired from my new job...which was a nanny job. When I got fired, I chose to see it as a good things instead of something unfair that had happened. I trusted that the universe had other plans for me and it was supposed to happen this way. Low and behold, the same day I got a new job at a fun wine bar down the street from me and a week later accepted a part time job in my field.

If you’re thinking about working with her, I would say my advice is to trust Tiffani. When I worked with her I was just starting to learn about manifesting and the law of attraction. I’m always skeptical of new things at first. As a result, I was still skeptical when I was working with Tiffani. I didn’t need to be skeptical. I think if I truly believed and trusted her 100% when I was working with her, then I might have appreciated the experience a little more. For me it was difficult to believe that I did deserve to be successful and still struggle with this. Tiffani is definitely in your corner and she’ll believe it until you can believe it yourself.
— Katie Bonanno, Love and Lotus Coaching

I really enjoyed having you read my chart because you just made it SO FUN. It was real, it was honest, and it really helped me understand traits about myself that I thought were bad but are not. It also made me really excited for things to come!
— Siany Espinoza

I’ve been following Tiffani + her work for several years and through several different iterations, and it has been so incredible to see her step into her power. Seriously - she is SO in her zone of genius and this woman kills it with her coaching.

I’d been getting messages to expand my own self exploration for a while now, and one of the areas I was drawn to was understanding astrology - and how I can use it to understand my unique history.
I could not have asked for a better guide through starting to explore this process.

When Tiffani read my natal chart, I was so blown away by her insight and knowledge. She provides a perfect combination of SO MUCH information with the background info to explain all of this to a natal chart newbie! Tiffani tapped into all areas of my life, explained so much of the challenges I deal with and helped me to really step into some of my gifts in an ever greater level. All of this in just an hour!

Since our session, I’ve been more and more tuned into what’s happening celestially, and using those energies as a guide to channel my efforts in ways that are most productive. The ritual + intentionality of incorporating the information from my chart reading into my daily life has been absolutely divine, and so inspiring.

Love working with Tiffani, and I cannot recommend doing a reading with her enough! So much so that I’ll likely be sending my clients to Tiffani for their own readings!
— Chelsea Quint, Transformational Life + Business Coach

It’s hard to even think back to before working with Tiffani because it feels like a lifetime ago, even though it was actually only 3 months ago! I was anxious about money like all the time because I felt like I had to fight constantly to keep my head above water in my business. Like I was doing everything I could to just do that so there’s no way I could ever get any traction move forward. Tiffani helped me realize that life doesn’t have to be hard. All I have to do is be grateful for what I have and what I’m given. And I also already have everything within me to be successful. I can do anything I fucking want and I can be successful and it CAN be easy!

Now, I am so much more at peace in my mind and spirit because I am not only grateful for all the amazing things in my life, but I know that I will be successful at whatever I do. I’m not stressed thinking about all the work that has to be put in, and instead am loving every minute of building my businesses and being more productive than ever.

Since we started working together, I started a new and second business. This is something I’ve been wanting do for a long time but didn’t have the correct mindset, belief in myself, or the right vision. Now I have all of those and It’s going AMAZING!!

If you’re thinking about working with Tiffani, DO IT!! It will change your life. Tiffani can illuminate things about yourself that you may have never realized, but as soon as she says them you know it’s true. She offers a unique perspective and isn’t afraid to give the tough love. She will love and push you and help you become the person you’ve always wanted to be!
— Rachel Symington, Sr. Ruby @ Plexus

Before I started working with Tiffani, I was depressed and anxious / desperate to find something that would turn my life around. Get me to a place where I could generate money and be genuinely happy. There was a lot of turmoil within my family with me not working, spending money / time on so many programs to give me clarity, and I was sending myself deeper into the downward spiral that was my life. I was consistently seeking validation, chasing old friends, doing so much for others nothing for myself. I had zero trust, faith in myself - but Tiffani did; and that was exactly what I needed to change my life for the better.

Working with her was great – at first we agreed to more of a structured approach, but as time progressed that was thrown out the window because I just really needed someone to give me a reality check and help me get out of the rut I was in. She listened unbiased, while I shared ideas, dreams, and current situations; then, she’d give me tough, no bs love (perfect for me), along with tools to shift my reality.

After working with Tiffani, I gained confidence and realize my self worth, learned to be ok with walking away from things / people that don’t serve my highest self, more self love/ care, and manifested my dream job with pay to match my sense of self-worth.

Listen to your intuition before working with anyone and make the best choice for yourself. For me, working with Tiffani was everything I needed and wouldn’t have been able to turn my life around if it weren’t for her kindness, compassion, and tough love. I highly recommend working with her if you are considering it.
— Annette Gonzalez, Asst. to VP Visual Merchandising @ Macy's

Tiffani is AMAZING! I came to Tiffani for self love and putting myself first and was attracted to her, because she used astrology as part of her coaching. She did my natal chart and I was BLOWN AWAY at how accurate it was. I then used the majority of our coaching sessions after that to do natal charts for others in my life and synastry for my most important relationships. I mentioned to her that I realized I had used most our coaching session for just natal charts, but realized how much it helped with my growth and also helped me understand those who are important to me better. Thank you so much for all your time and support you’ve helped me more than you’ll ever know! I look forward to continuing studying natal charts and learning more!
— Desiree Garcia, Founder + President @ Tutoring For All