The #AlignedAF Network
with Tiffani Purdy



What's Inside
The #AlignedAF Network?

The #AlignedAF Network is a social community for influencers, professionals, entrepreneurs, & support teams for all of the above.

The common goal in The #AlignedAF Network is for total cosmic alignment. When we learn how to shine in our best light and flow with the cosmos, we can better serve our divine purpose - and connect with people who we can help, and can help us in return, as well.


vip Network access

As a member, you get access to our growing Slack Channel, full of people like you to network with - this is also the place Tiffani will share weekly Transit Updates, Moon Phase Reports, and other celestial talk you need to know about (keep reading for more details!).

The intention for this space is high-level opportunities for growing TOGETHER under the Stars, with the collective purpose of boosting each other further toward our vision + goals.

What is Slack? Slack is a no-nonsense chatroom-style app. You can download it to your computer and/or your phone. I like Slack because there are no ads, no real opportunity for mindless-scrolling, and cuts straight to the point of the container: DIRECT COMMUNICATION + AUTHENTIC RELATIONSHIP BUILDING.

Once you're inside, you'll find specific Channels within our Chat space, so you can find exactly who/what you're looking for.

monthly "hot seat" coaching call with tiffani

Every month, we'll all be joining a Zoom Video Conference Call to give laser-focused life/business strategy to 2-4 members who apply for the hot seat. 

I'll give each Hot Seat Participant at least 10-15 minutes of direct coaching, giving opportunity for our fellow members chime in when their area of expertise gives them insight to the Hot Seat Participants' needs.

At the beginning of the call, Tiffani will also give a preview of the celestial month-ahead.



regular subscriber-only content + discounts

And of course, there will also be tons of exclusive content + VIP access just for subscribers, like...

>> Monthly celestial event transit calendars, so you always know what's going on with the Stars
>> Weekly video updates from Tiffani, to keep you #AlignedAF
>> Automatic access to my New/Full Moon Parties
>> 15% off tickets to VIP Days + Retreats
>> and more!


Meet Tiffani

Tiffani Purdy is a Life + Business Strategist for Celebrities, Influencers, Rising Stars, + High-Achieving Entrepreneurs, using both Astrology and Human Design as her main modalities of guidance for her clients.

She has been in the online entrepreneur-sphere for about 5 years now, with experience in just about every facet of the biz you can hit - content creation, web development, branding support, and finally, finding her home in coaching via the Stars (both literally and figuratively).

With a 2nd House Capricorn stellium and Leo MidHeaven, she uses her own unique cosmic design to shine a spotlight on your greatness and show you how to expand on the things that are most appealing, the most "sellable," and will ultimately make you feel the most fulfilled in your soul purpose.


Just the FAQs

Still not sure if this is the right place for you? Here are some of the more commonly asked questions about the Network. If you have a question that isn't answered here, feel free to email for Support at



faq #1: "Who is the perfect person for this space?"

There's really no precisely "perfect" person for this container - because there are LOTS of ways to be a Star, or someone who supports a Star.

The common denominator between all of our members is the insatiable drive for reaching new heights, and they recognize that, on some level, the answers to life's questions are in the ACTUAL Stars.

Some of the titles a person in this space might hold:
>> Social Influencer (or Aspiring influencer!)
>> Actor
>> Singer/Performer
>> Producer/Director
>> Assistant
>> Momager
>> Agent/Manager
>> High-Achieving Entrepreneur
>> Photographer
>> Stylist

You get the picture. People making moves + here to help other people make moves, too.

Because - on some level - it's both what you know AND who you know.



faq #2: "is this a group/mastermind type program?"

Sort of! One of my favorite things about working inside of group programs is the collaboration among the "students" in the container. Because we're all here for the same objective, it's easy for us to find great opportunities for networking within the group container.

And because our members are experts (or growing experts) in their own fields, during our monthly Hot Seat Call, you'll get penetrating celestial insight from Tiffani, as well as industry-focused care from people who understand where you're trying to go.



faq #3: "When do doors close?"

They don't! You're welcome to come in and join as you please - but you only have until August 30 to take advantage of the Founders Rate, locking you in at $55/month, before the price goes up to the regular rate of $197/month.

PS - You still get lifetime access to the New/Full Moon Events that happened when you were a member.



faq #4: "What if I want to pause/cancel my subscription?"

You've got the power, my friend! Inside the MoonClerk Payer Portal, you'll have full access to pausing and/or canceling your subscription to The #AlignedAF Network. No hard feelings!


Ready to Find Your New Online Home?

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Monthly rate goes up to Regular price at $197/month on September 1, 2018.