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Family Alchemy Coach, Author, Podcaster

You already have all the answers inside you to take bold, aligned actions in every area of your life — even if you don’t know it yet.


They were written a long time ago, ages before you were even dreamed of, finally etched into reality the moment you took your first breath.

All you have to do is peek inside your Astrological & Human Design charts to find your soulprint to know the truth.

Astrology & Human Design can seem overwhelming, I get that!

You’re looking at these lines and symbols and it looks like this might be math -- and you’re ready to throw up your hands at all of it because math has never really been your thing, anyway…


But if you get really real, you know you could use a cosmic lifeline.

  • You spend hours & hours reading Astrology websites, poring over Human Design books, and looking up Signs on different apps -- but none of this information is making any damn sense, tbh.

  • You overanalyze every “gut feeling,” every “download,” every “burst” of your energy -- questioning your intuition and whether or not you’re acting in alignment with your Design.

  • You might have even had your birth chart and/or Human Design personally read by a professional -- but even after that, you’re still foggy about how to USE that information in your daily life.  


The thing is… It doesn’t have to be that hard, y’all.

You can learn to use the details in your Astrological & Human Design charts to find peace with your past,
to grow emotionally,
to find purpose & direction,
to become a better communicator,
to find your “abundance codes”
-- and even more than that.

I know this, because it’s what I do all day, everyday.

This is precisely what I’ve helped hundreds of people like you to do already, individually.

But I’m ready to make this a global movement.

I’m ready to make Astrology & Human Design both ACCESSIBLE and EASY AF,
for a better world for all of us.



The AstroMind is designed to help people who want a more down-to-earth grasp on their Astrological & Human Design charts to go from “Astro-curious” to #AlignedAF.

The AstroMind is the result of my work with hundreds of people individually and seeing the specific needs that usually arise when learning to integrate Astrological & Human Design information -- especially needs like:

✓ Allowing the information to come slowly… so you’re not trying to literally learn an entire language in a couple of hours, or even a couple of days or months.

✓ Having a space with other people who speak your language, to share ideas & “a-ha” moments with when you’re learning and integrating.

✓ Knowing what’s going on “up there” in the present, so you can know your Strategy and flow with the cosmos at the same time.

The AstroMind meets and exceeds all three of those needs by lightyears.


 What’s inside The AstroMind?

Two (2) Monthly Group Calls
Submit your questions privately or hop on the call Live, twice a month I have a Virtual coffee date with The AstroMind to give you all the A’s to your Astrological Q’s. Replays available, watch at your convenience & replay all day.

Two (2) Monthly Hot Seat Calls
Each month, there will be two hot seat calls for members to apply for a free “Live” 30-45 minute session with me that everyone in the group can watch/learn from.

Monthly Virtual New Moon Parties
Once a month, I hold a late night sesh at the point of highest potential for setting new intentions & making new plans. Members of The AstroMind will be be automatically put on the Guest List for the party -- show up Live or watch the replay, your choice.

Monthly Masterclass / Guest Expert Talk
There’s a lot to learn here. We’ll break down concepts piece by piece in this container, with a new Masterclass from me or a Guest Expert Interview coming each month to give you fresh insight on all of this Astro talk.

Private Facebook Group
Get the support you need from a community of weirdos like you. My team and I will be here to educate, to inspire, and to coach you through the challenges that’ll come up while you’re learning all of this.

Book Solo & Penta Human Design Reading Sessions
Get a private session with me any time with a special link inside the AstroMind Group.


 Wouldn’t it be cool if you felt like you had the keys to understand yourself, everyone in your life, and literally anyone in the world (with their birth details of course) — if you could find a mathematical reason that things have happened how they have, why you are the way you are?

The AstroMind is valued at over $1,000 per month.
Your MONTHLY investment is only $89.

(Want to save even more? Check out the quarterly, bi-annual, & annual payment options!)


Have You Met Tiffani?

Tiffani Purdy headshot

Tiffani Purdy is the author of the Amazon best-selling self-help book about the psychology of identifying and breaking limiting beliefs, The Ego Death Experience: How to Boldly Face Death & Achieve the Ultimate Rebirth. In her life coaching practice, Tiffani focuses on emotional intelligence and family harmony using the Human Design System, a combination of the ancient and modern sciences of Astrology, I-Ching, Kabbalah, the Hindu-Brahmin chakra system, and quantum physics.

She has helped hundreds of clients and students online through long-term private support and group programs to understand themselves and the people in their lives on an energetic level; to see the bigger picture in why things have happened the way they have; and to learn how to experience more fun, more confidence, and more fulfillment in their everyday life.

Tiffani also holds client sessions and teaches workshops in downtown Tampa at the Sanctuary Center, a community resource center aimed at serving the emotional and mental health needs of marginalized populations in the Tampa Bay Area.

Through her weekly podcast, Emotional Authority, Tiffani shares her thoughts on emotional and mental health through the lens of Human Design. She has guest posted for TEDxLincoln Center and Elephant Journal and has been featured in podcasts like Spirit Girls Radio Show + Podcast, Abundant Babes with Viola Hug, and Brunch with the Universe. She lives in Tampa, Florida with her daughter, Mana Kaia.



Some really nice things people have said about working with me:


Some A’s to your Q’s


Q1: “How long is The AstroMind?”

A: The AstroMind doesn’t have a traditional “Cart Open/Cart Close” type of structure. This is more like a regular monthly membership. You can choose to pay your membership ahead for some sweet discounts, but ultimately, it’s up to you how long you’re here!

Q2: “What if I want to end my membership to The AstroMind?”

A: While I’d love for you to stay forever and ever and become part of The AstroMind Family, I’d never want to keep you longer than you really desire to stay — so I’m not going to make it harder on either of us than it should be. No emails, no “but wait! Would a FREE MONTH make you stay?”

All you have to do is click the “Sign In” link at the top of my website and navigate to your Account to change/cancel your membership, at any time.

Q3: “Am I a good fit for The AstroMind if I’m NOT a business owner?”

A: Absolutely! This space has nothing to do with business (though we can and probably will wind up talking shop) and everything to do with understanding & embodying your natural energetic state.

Q4: “Do you need to have had a Human Design reading to understand things more in The AstroMind?”

A: Nope! Inside the AstroMind, there is a range of members. Some are total newbies with both, some are a little Astro-savvy, some are a little HD-savvy, some know a little of both.

I answer questions inside the FB group itself, and there are 2 group calls a month to get questions about your HD answered directly. And every month, I'll also be teaching one Masterclass on an Astro/HD subject, to help you start to digest and understand this info on your own.

And AstroMind members also get 30% off any single session, if you do want to get a deep dive into your chart!

Do you have another question that isn’t here?

Email your Q to, so we can get you an answer (and post it here for people like you who probably have the same question!)


There are four payment options for joining

Save $27 when you choose the Quarterly plan vs. Monthly plan!

Save $84 when you choose the Bi-Annual plan vs. Monthly plan!

Best Value! Save $228 when you choose the Annual plan vs. Monthly plan!