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/// your crash course to a new


Learn how to environmentally, spiritually, and emotionally bust your limiting beliefs in less than 3 hours.

You have the power to create a more satisfying life by developing a stronger relationship with your Higher Power.

Tapping into spirituality and allowing God to come into your life can feel intimidating, stressful, and sometimes altogether triggering – I know.

Especially when the way you’ve been led there before has been anything but kind, beautiful, or accepting of who you really are.


It doesn’t have to be “this way” or “that way,” you sweet soul.

You can have a deep, connected relationship with God, and be the rebellious, expressive, accepting and loving human being that you are, and have your CAKE, and eat it too.

I know because this is what I do, all day, every day.

This is exactly what I’ve helped hundreds of people just like you overcome already.

So let’s talk about how I can help YOU, too.

The Focus, Flow, & Fun Bundle:
Three hours of knowledge & exercises to jumpstart your relationship with God (again)

The Focus, Flow, & Fun Bundle was designed to help anxious, overwhelmed people learn to live healthier, renewed lives in less than 3 hours by hitting their spiritual reset button.

The Focus, Flow, & Fun Bundle is the result of my 3+ years working with hundreds of people desperate to create more positive external experiences (like starting new careers, establishing healthy relationships, and taking on big projects like book writing, to name a few examples) and seeing the specific needs that arise when dealing with the stress that comes along with trying to “figure it out” without a spiritual foundation.

The Focus, Flow, & Fun Bundle is for you if… want to learn how to use Universal Laws (yes, there’s more than just the Law of Attraction!)
to work in harmony with the cosmic design of the Universe are rapidly approaching burnout, hate-liking people’s posts on Instagram,
and wishing you could figure out whatever it is they’ve done to make life so easy have had enough sleepless nights and unproductive days trying to plan
and “manifest” your way into a life that looks AND feels good

The Focus, Flow, & Fun Bundle tackles all these points –
and then gives you room to actually apply them to your life.


By signing up for the Focus, Flow, & Fun Bundle, you’ll receive:

Three video lessons from the Wellspring, packaged up for this exclusive bundle series. In this series, you’ll explore both the internal AND the external work that needs to be done in order to create whatever results you really want in life.

By the end of these lessons, you’ll learn about...


The Focus, Flow, & Fun Masterclass ($49 value)

- UNCONSCIOUS BELIEFS & how they affect your ability to get what you really want

- UNIVERSAL LAWS, like the Law Of Cause & Effect, and how to use these principles to unlock flow

- the SIX PILLARS OF LIFE, how to stop bargaining for your happiness, & how to establish wholeness and balance in your life right NOW

- how FIGHT OR FLIGHT works, how living in that state disrupts your happiness and literally skims days off your lifetime, & and how to find REST AND RECOVERY


you(re) own personal Jesus masterclass ($49 value)

- The HISTORY OF FAITH & GOD, and how the development of language made an impact on our perception of & relationship with God, as a species

- Why WORRYING OVER CIRCUMSTANCE is a waste of your time (and how to move through fear gracefully with a Higher perspective at the top of mind)

- How Paul tells us about QUANTUM PHYSICS & UNIVERSAL LAWS in Hebrews, so we can create a better life experience (for all!)

- Some PRACTICAL TIPS for you to tap into when you find yourself RESTLESS, FEARFUL, & ANXIOUS, so you can come back to PEACE & TRUST in God


the ego death experience masterclass ($49 value)

- My signature EGO DEATH PROCESS, which guides you through a process of identifying, healing, and re-writing untrue limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from living your best life

- A PSYCHOLOGICAL EXPLANATION of Ego & where your limiting beliefs are actually born

- The three categories that people can fall into when you start growing, HOW TO DEAL with “haters” & “doubters,” and how to MAKE SURE YOU’RE NOT PRESSURING OTHERS in your life to drink your self-improvement Kool-Aid

- What GRACE REALLY MEANS, why it’s so important, & how to accept grace, so you can keep growing as a physical and spiritual being


Your purchase of the Focus, Flow, & Fun Bundle also includes:

⟶ A Watch Party Ticket for the Radical Self-Mastery Fall Planning Day on September 23 ($33 value)
This will be an all-day planning event unlike anything you’ve ever seen or experienced.

This day is a marriage of the spiritual and the practical, based on my own strategy & planning method I’ve developed 5+ years working as an entrepreneur and 3+ years incorporating spiritual principles in the mix.

By the end of this Planning Day, you’ll feel more confident in creating flexible plans that are inspired by your Higher Calling, and you’ll have the tools to map out your strategy for taking swift, aligned actions to make it happen.

Imagine just how blissful daily life could be if you had the spiritual, energetic, and practical tools to slay your life & business at a soul level.


The Focus, Flow, & Fun Bundle is only available until the Radical Self-Mastery Fall Planning Day, on September 23, 2019.

The focus, flow, & fun bundle is valued at over $150.

Your investment is only $99 –
see all three payment options below!


Some nice things Wellspring Members had to say about the Focus, Flow, & Fun Bundle Series:


Some Q’s to your A’s:

Q1: “what time is the planning day on September 23?”

A: The Planning Day is scheduled for 1pm to 7pm EST on Monday, September 23.

Q2: “what if I can’t make it live to the planning day?”

A: That’s no problem at all! When the Planning Day is over, the replay will be available for on-demand viewing on the same page where you can find all the other content for the Focus, Flow, and Fun Bundle after purchase.

Q3: “is the planning day only useful for business owners/coaches/content creators?”

A: Absolutely not! While the planning day will carry some elements that are geared toward business owners/content creators, the strategies involved are rooted in the art of understanding & embodying your natural energetic states and can be applied to any kind of life planning.

Q4: how do you handle refunds for the focus, flow, & fun bundle?

A: Thank you for asking! Due to the nature of this program’s structure, no refunds will be given for this space.


Email your Q to, so we can get you an answer (and post it here for people like you who probably have the same question!)


There are three options to access the Focus, Flow, & Fun Bundle: