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/// know what’s here

for you

I’m committed to helping you find peace, joy, and fulfillment in the “middle,” so you can do big things with support along the way.

Who do I serve?

High achieving, big dreaming people who want to change the world, starting with their own communities.

Why do people love working with me?

To have a conscious supporter, cheerleader, and creative thinker in your corner to remind you of who you really are and what you’re capable of while you’re making plans and doing big things in the world.

I hold you accountable to staying in balance and honoring your whole being. This keeps you from externalizing your worth through achievements, recognition from others, and ultimately, from burning out.


/// membership

The Wellspring Membership

the ultra-valuable, spiritual development membership program 

This value-packed monthly membership is the answer to all your personal development dreams. Get coached twice a month in the Group Calls, or apply for a Hot Seat call and get the bigger breakthrough you need. This space has been valued at over $1,000/month – follow the link to check out all the details and join the Wellspring membership experience.

/// starts at $89/month


/// private

One-on-One Coaching

the most intimate, high-touch support available to you

Private coaching with Tiffani is a completely life-changing experience. This is an opportunity to learn to deeply love yourself (and everyone else in your life) by choosing to see yourself as a perfectly whole human being. Get fully supported in a space of unconditional love while you do big things in the world.

/// Starts at $2,000/month


/// online course

the focus, flow, & fun bundle series

the juiciest content of 2019 in one neat package of video lessons

In this bundle series, you get access to three of my most highly acclaimed masterclasses from The Wellspring, as well as a Watch Party Ticket to the Radical Self-Mastery Fall 2019 Planning Day. This series is perfect to dip your toes in the water of the Wellspring. Consider it like hitting your spiritual reset button.

/// 3 payment options available


/// mastermind

The School of Radical Self-Mastery

the intensive, 12-month mastermind that transforms your whole life 

This is a mastermind unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Designed to walk you through each of the six integral areas of your life (physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, vocational, & social), you’ll get to learn directly from Tiffani, as well as learn from the lessons of your fellow RSM students. Did we mention the annual retreat?

/// rsm is currently closed


The Philosophy:


/// Relationship to source


We begin by establishing a deep relationship to God and our Highest Self, learning who we truly are and what we are meant to do & be in this life.


/// relationship to self


Then, we focus our attention on learning how our Highest Self thinks, speaks, and acts when we’re walking in harmonic co-creation with God.


/// relationship to others


Finally, we turn to our place and behavior within the community and world at large, so we may feel like we are part of something bigger.


let’s work together.
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