Tiffani Purdy

Astrological Guidance
for Celebs, Influencers, Rising Stars +
High-Achieving Entrepreneurs


Meet Tiffani

Tiffani Purdy is a Life + Business Strategist for Celebrities, Influencers, Rising Stars, + High-Achieving Entrepreneurs, using both Astrology and Human Design as her main modalities of guidance for her clients.

With a 2nd House Capricorn stellium and Leo MidHeaven, she uses her own unique cosmic design to shine a spotlight on your greatness and show you how to expand on the things that are most appealing, the most "sellable," and will ultimately make you feel the most fulfilled in your soul purpose.

With Tiffani, you can see your Cosmic Story and Divine Design, and learn how to develop more meaningful relationships, seek more fulfillment in your career, and live an altogether more enriching life.


The #AlignedAF Mastermind

concluding with a luxury, all-inclusive retreat in Hollywood Hills, California

Join Celebrity Astro Guide, Tiffani Purdy, for a celestially designed group experience dedicated to your total cosmic alignment in 2019 - in your relationships, in your career, in life, as a whole.

We'll be finishing off this group container with a luxury retreat in the Hollywood Hills. During this time frame, we'll be under a New Moon in Sagittarius - filling us with the excitement and energetic charge to propel us into new, expansive heights in the next year.





Get in Touch with your Cosmic Self

Schedule a natal chart session with Tiffani to understand who you are on a cosmic level, by reading the map of the Stars when you were born. We will also explore your energetic Human Design in this session.

In this session, you will have the opportunity to explore your natural talents, your areas of opportunity for growth, and discuss your next steps for the greatest possible success.

Some topics/themes explored in these sessions include: romantic/business partnerships; communication skills; career choices; community impact; self-expression; money/wealth creation; family dynamics - and more.

Click the button below to explore your options in getting an astrological natal chart session.


Immerse Yourself in Your Design

Tiffani offers VIP Day experiences for clients who are ready for implementation of their next level - now. VIP Days are immersive, personalized experiences based on your cosmic code, designed to align you with your Highest Self, right away.


Keep Your Astrologer in Your Pocket

Tiffani offers month-to-month support for high-achievers with an investment in their total cosmic alignment.

Every month, we'll take a look at your astrological natal chart + see how the Stars in motion are currently affecting you (and see what's to come!), so you can plan ahead.

You'll have me in your pocket - via Facebook Messenger/Voxer - to answer your cosmic questions when you're in need of support.


Coming Soon: The #AlignedAF Network Podcast

The #AlignedAF Network Podcast is hosted by Tiffani Purdy, and is here to help you get #AlignedAF in your life + biz.

Regular episodes will include: Astrological + Human Design transit reports (aka "Wtf is going on up there, Tiffani?"); Celebrity chart readings; and interviews with other people using Astrology and/or Human Design in their life/business to create more alignment.