Because each client I serve is unique, each Experience will look a little different from the next.

Clients accessing this level of support from Tiffani receive a VIP Day starting our work off together - an all-inclusive, all-day immersive experience based upon your natal chart and Human Design.

Tiffani will come to you for a luxurious 8+ hour-long experience tailored to your cosmic code, to help you learn how to understand yourself even more clearly, and how to make the most aligned decisions over the next 3 months based on your design and the movement of the Stars.

As your Personal Astrologer, Tiffani is available to help you astrologically plan your next moves (think: auditions, deals, vacations, big events, etc.) and is here to help you understand how to communicate more seamlessly with your support team (sponsors, agents, managers, assistants, etc.), your friends and family, and the other important people in your life through looking at your cosmic compatibility.

Due to the high-touch level of support provided in this container, there are very limited spaces available.

Please, schedule a call to see if this is right for you.


interested in a consultation call?

Get on the phone with Tiffani for a 20-minute introductory call, to determine where you are, where you want to be, and how Tiffani can use the Stars to help guide you there.