Tiffani Purdy is an Astrological Life + Biz Strategist for Women with Moxie, who are done settling for anything but their absolute best life.



Work with Tiffani

You were meant for so much more than just existing. It’s time to raise the bar.

It’s time to start waking up everyday, ready to jump out of bed because you’re just so thrilled about life.

Yeah, that’s the kind of life I want for you. P u r e, unadulterated, passionate, excitement for simply living the life you’ve created for yourself.

When we work together, I’ll be walking you through the strengths + opportunities in your natal chart, as well as taking a look at your energetic Human Design chart, so we can get a well-rounded look at how you function on a cellular level. This allows us to create a plan that works just for you.

Over the course of six months, we will work closely together to get you to the next level of your life, using a combination of coaching modalities, including NLP and Positive Psychology, to identify the areas in your life that need the most work put in right now.

We will also be closely watching your Chart in conjunction with the Stars, so we can make smart moves based on the energy of the cosmos, at large.

We’ll meet via Zoom once a week, and I’m here for you between calls via text and/or Facebook Messenger. As a one-on-one client, you’ll also have automatic access to Relationship of One: the 6-week self-love group program.

Because this work is so in-depth and requires me to open my energetic space for the people who enter into this program at such a high level, there are limited spaces available for this opportunity.

To see if you’re a good fit for Tiffani, please fill out the Application Form below, and our team will be in touch shortly to move forward with an Introductory Call to discuss your custom plan.

Please, fill out the Application Form below. If you’re a good fit for Tiffani, we’ll be in touch shortly to schedule your Introductory coaching call.